Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
October 21, 2010

Our weather has just been picture perfect (except for lack of rain). These cool crisp mornings just make me want to crawl back in bed with a good cup of coffee and watch the morning news. Retirement is great and usually I do just that – except on Monday when I must think “happenings” to put in this column — today my brain is just not functioning. Perhaps I will just start with the great wins of our LA teams – LSU & the Saints – Yeah LA!! — Way to Go!!

Last Saturday Greg Taylor called to say that he had the old FFA podium that was built by the shop crew at Spearsville High School and was used by hundreds of boys as they practiced public speaking and parliamentary procedure under the direction of J. L. Burns. I was so excited to hear that Greg’s dad, Leon, had salvaged it from the scrap heap many years ago, and wanted to donate it to our Little Yellow House. It makes a wonderful addition to our “Education Room” and will bring back lots of memories for countless adults in the years to come. Perhaps you have something, like Leon, that you haven’t thought about in years and you would like to share; just give us a call for that is what this is all about — shared memories that can be passed down for others to remember and enjoy.

Last week Patsy Saunders and Marie Rockett attended the computer class that was conducted at the library this week. It had lots of good information but they feel that it needs a few more days to really get them comfortable with things like e-mail. We are looking forward to them getting computers and joining our little band. You just have to wade right in, get you feet wet, and make lots of mistakes; sometimes it is even fun, and a great way to hear from the kids and old friends in faraway places.

Sunday was a great day!! Tim Clement gave a Fire Prevention presentation to our kids during the children’s time at church. After reminding them of what they should do in case of fire, he gave each a fireman’s cap and a bag of goodies. Tim reminded them to use the glow stick, in the bag, instead of a candle. They could start on Halloween night when they Trick-or-Treat.

This was followed with a message by Br. James on Ps. 23; a passage that most of us have heard many, many times but never tire of the great truths that are taught in these few verses. It is so appropriate at this time as there seems to be trouble on every hand. We need to be reminded that God provides for us, protects us. restores us, and will lead us out on the other side, no matter how dark things may seem, to higher ground; if not in this life, in our eternal life with him. This is one of God’s great promises that we can rely on today, tomorrow, and all the tomorrows to come. We have an awesome Heavenly Father who loves us and cares for us always — even in our darkest moments!!!!

It seems that the Miller family is experiencing some “Job” days. Shirley was hospitalized last Monday to have tests run to see why she can’t seem to keep her balance to walk and is uncomfortable sitting up. They have not gotten the results of most of the tests but she is undergoing therapy to help her walk again. She should be transferred to rehab, perhaps, this week. Not only do we need to keep her in our prayers but Alan and his wife Sandy as well. Sandy is also in the hospital. Jan came to see about her mother and to help Bro. James as it has been so exhausting for to juggle so many things. Bro. David Martin, his good friend and colleague, conducted our service on Sunday night. We always enjoy hearing him speak.

Laurie Rhodes Smith visited with her parents, Vergil and Mary Gene, last week and sang a very uplifting song for our Special music. She has a beautiful voice. Her sister Beth was also a visitor and got to hear her sister sing. It was awesome!!

If you are an avid reader and like historical fiction, let me give you a author I was introduced to by Susan Barron Smith. Bodie & Brock Thoene (Tay-nee). Their books are based on true facts, using fictional characters, with religious overtones. You should start with Vienna Prelude in the Zion Covenant Series. These start with Hitler’s takeover of Europe — witty, serious, easy to read, and definitely a page turner. A great way to pass the winter.

Thought for the Day

These who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escapes those who only dream by night – Edgar Allen Poe


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