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The Bernice Journal
June 27, 1929

May Receive Job

Baton Rouge, June 22. — An apparently well-founded rumor is in circulation here this week end that Senator E. B. Robinson of Union Parish, one of the two representatives in the upper body from the district composed of Union, Morehouse, Lincoln and West Carroll is to be given a fat jab in the highway department by Governor Long. This gossip coming right upon the heels of rumors of the impending resignation of Chairman O. K. Allen of the highway commission and the selection of Senator R. B. Knott, from the some district as Mr. Robinson as highway chief proved very interesting.

Mr. Ellis Copeland was a business visitor in Monroe, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Roach of Weldon spent Sunday with Mr. Allen Mabry and family.

Miss Rubye White is confined to her bed on account of an attack of malaria.

Have Your Tires Inspected

“The best way to get the maximum mileage from your tires is to have them inspected frequently and at regular intervals, and the present season is an excellent time to have this done.” C. E. Miller Service Station No. 1 Goodyear tire dealer in Bernice. “It is the old case of an ounce of prevention and a pound of cure,” he declared. “Times that have been driven during the winter months, have usually received little attention because they have not given trouble. Moreover because motorists generally are more concerned about the mechanical parts of their cars there is the possibility of slight injury to tires and if such is the possibility of slight injury to tires and if such is the case a little immediate attention may prevent a great deal of trouble later. Minor troubles may have developed in tires and yet not be apparent to the owner of a car. Sometimes a nail or a piece of metal has worked into the tread and shortly will get through to the tube and cause a puncture. Sometimes it is a misalignment or wheels, so that the tire isn’t running true and is rapidly wearing down the tread.. Often times it merely is a matter of wrong inflation, either too much air or not enough, both of which are sure enemies to long mileage. “Inspection of tires can be taken cars of quickly and easily and should be done regularly if the owner wants maximum millage. “Our force is glad to make this without charge for customers. Many of them have found that it has saved them a considerable amount of money in the course of a year to check for trouble and catch it before it has become serious.

The Fourth ‘O July

So much has been said and written of that memorable day upon which our forefathers sighed the Declaration of Independence that it is difficult to write without entering a field which has repeatedly been covered, yet one cannot be reminded too often the valuable lesson contained in the struggle of that little band of patriots to establish a republic in which their descendants could live secure and obtain the most from life. The ideals embodied in that famous document have served us an inspiration a standard by which this county has attained its present heights. In the fight for independence that followed shortly after the signing of that document the colonists were victorious for their cause was just and founded upon right motives. In the decades that have followed, the growth of the United States from a few colonies dependent upon the English Crown, to one of the worlds most prosperous and powerful nations has been practicality uninterrupted and today ships flying the Stars and Stripes carry American products to every port, and prosperous conditions are noted at every hand. Let each American be inspired with genuine patriotism, not the patriotism that flares only during the time of national danger from an outside enemy, but patriotism that steadily burns through all time; hold sacred the ideals set forth in that immortal document, the Declaration of Independence, signed by our forefathers on July 4, 1776, let its tenets ever be the standard by which one’s efforts are guided and strive to retain unblemished the flag which was born during the struggle for freedom, that it may ever represent democracy, liberty and justice.

Mr. D. H. Dawson, of Ruston, is here visiting old friends.

Mr. Malvin Mabry was at home for the week end. He has finished a business course and is now employed with the Libby Owens, Glass Factory in Shreveport.

B. Y. P. U. Social

The hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. M. Tanner, was opened in cordial hospitality to members and invited guests of the Intermediate boys and girls Friday evening. Mrs. M. C. Still, leader planned the program that was so greatly enjoyed throughout the evening. As a closing courtesy cake and cream was served to the jolly band of youngsters.

FOR SALE – One 4 door Sedan Ford car, late model, run less than 4000 miles, been well cared for. Fully equipped, side curtains and extra wheel. Easy terms. Reason for selling don’t need two cars. See M. A. Talbot.

Mr. and Mrs. Starkey Lindsey, Misses Hayer Ferguson and Rosalee Grafton visited in El Dorado Sunday.

Messrs. T. H. Ferguson, J. E. Grafton, R. W. Patterson reported a very enjoyable day last Sunday on their fishing trip, but did not catch many fish. Talbot Grafton got a nice ducking in Bayou Cornie as he did not land in the right boat.

Ordinance 184

An ordinance prohibiting the playing of dominoes, checkers and card games upon any street, sidewalk, alleys or on any vacant space of any lot with the view of any person from the streets and alleys of the town of Bernice, La. and providing a penalty for its violation.

Be IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the town of Bernice, La. in regular session convened, that it shall be unlawful for any person or persons to engage in the games of checkers, dominoes and cards on the sidewalks, streets or on any vacant space of lots within the view of any person upon the streets and alleys of the town of Bernice.

Be It Further Ordained, that for good and urgent reasons this ordinance shall take effect from date of passage.

Thus done and passed in open session by yea and nae vote this 4th day of June 1929. J. M. Talbot, Mayor, J. P. Ison, Clerk.


State of Louisiana, Parish of Union, Eighth Justice Court F. J. Booles vs. R. B. Shelton.

Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a judgement issued out of the Honorable Eight’s Justice Court in and for Union Parish La., in the above entitled suit, and to me directed, I have seized and taken into my possession and on Saturday, June 29, 1929, between hours for making judicial sales, and of F. J. Booles Garage, in the town of Bernice, La., will offer for sale, at public outcry, the following described property, to-wit:

One Ford Truck No. 26-740. Seized as the property of the defendant in the above entitled suit. Terms of sale cash, with the benefit of an appralsement.

This June 11, 1929, Elze Grafton, Dy. Sheriff

Notice. The partnership of L. Z. Robinson and J. C. Coplin, Jr., has been dissolved by mutual consent and I hereby give notice that I will not be responsible for any claims hereafter. Dated June 7, 1929. L. Z. Robinson.

Notice. All members are requested to remember the date Wednesday, July 8rd. P. T. A. meeting at Grammer school building 3:00 o’clock.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Green and Mrs. Nettie Roach, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Tabor.

Mr. R. W. Patterson and family went to Quitman Sunday to attend the family reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Allen.

Mrs. John Porter of Farmerville, was the guest of Mrs. L. T. Porter Tuesday.

Mrs. E. E. Buckley and daughters Fay and Mary, and little Margarite Reeves visited Mrs. C. L. Tabor Saturday.

Mrs. W. R. Lynn has with her this week her friend, Miss Hazel Allgood of Summerfield.

Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Hicks were business visitors in Shreveport Tuesday.

Deputy Sheriff Sale

State of Louisiana Parish of Union, Eighth Justice Court.

J. M. Butler vs. Clarence Stone.

Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a judgment issued out of the Honorable Eighth Justice Court in and for Union Parish, La., in the above entitled suit, and to me directed, I have seized and taken into my possession and on.

Saturday, June 29, 1920 between the hours prescribed by law for making judicial sales and at the front door of the mayor’s office in Bernice, La., will offer for sale, at public outcry the following described property, to-wit:

One Chevrolet Coupe, Licensed No. 169-724

Seized as the property of the defendant in the entitled suit. Terms of sale, cash with the benefit of an appraisement.

This June 11, 1929, Elza Grafton, Dy – Sheriff


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