Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
October 28, 2010

Our Fall has just been beautiful — just right for play, as well, as doing all those outside jobs we have been putting off. God has provided us with all that we need; a wonderful rain, last Tuesday and even the little things like this wonderful pine straw so that our flowers will have a nice, warm blanket free mulch; living in the county really has its parks!!!

How about those Rangers??? Last Friday night was a very exciting night for baseball fans in this area. The Rangers finally trounced those Yankees after so many times of trying and losing out. I just talked to my Rockett cousin, David Herring, in Ft. Worth. He and his brother, Don, were at the game. He said that it was the most exciting game he had ever seen and they are looking forward to going to the 4th game of the series (already have tickets). David must have still been on a high for he hardly took notice of the tornado that blew through until sometime later when he realized his back fence was leaning a bit and neighbors began to bring his mill to the door — his mailbox was demolished with his mail strewn all up and down the street. YEAH RANGERS!!

We have good news and bad news on our sick folks. I’ll start with the good news. Shirley Miller has been in the rehab for the past week or so and they have done wonders. She is even walking some without assistance. If all goes well she should come home on Tuesday. They have really put her through the wringer to make this kind of progress, in such a short time (which has been difficult for her) and we are praying that she will continue her exercise routine and soon will be back on her feet with renewed energy. Continue to pray for her and Bro James for strength and enthusiasm as they go through the next few weeks.

Jeff Bennett continues to have problems with his vision. He told us Sunday that they are to go back on Tuesday and do another procedure; hopefully, this will do the trick for he has had a long time with this and they are already dealing with lots of scar tissue. Bob Shoemaker goes in for surgery on a nerve in each elbow this week and this is necessary before they can replace several discs in his back that are struggling to find a cause. He is finding it hard, the farmer that the is, staying off of his legs to keep that swelling down. We ask that you keep each of these in your prayers so that they might recover and get back to the things they enjoy doing.

A couple of weeks ago Ann Stone Heard celebrated her birthday with her girls in Hot Springs. It was a good time for them as they just enjoyed being together, eating out, shopping , and just hanging out together for several days. I wish her a Happy Birthday and may she have many more just like this one!! Her daughter Jennifer Lenard celebrated her birthday this weekend also. Happy Birthday Jennifer!!

Speaking of Birthdays we had 2 others in our church. Wilbur Upshaw celebrated his on Sunday with twenty-five family members to help him. Sallie and Savannah, Eddie and Sha Upshaw, Nancy and Tim Taylor of his children were here. His other son, Randy, had to work and was unable to come. Nell had several of her children and grands visiting as well. They all had a hi-ho good time with a big fish fry and all the trimmings. Wilbur’s Birthday Cake was coconut — with no candles. I told him they were afraid that they would start a forest fire during this no burn season. For a surprise, the kids all went together and got him a new boat trailer. Don’t you know he is a happy camper!! Happy Birthday, Wilbur, and many more years of fishing!!

The other birthday was Vergil Rhodes. Vergil celebrated his in the hospital in Bernice. I haven’t heard who all came, but I am sure he had quite a few visitors; I’ll get to that later as I have more details. Hurry up and come home, Vergil!! We miss you!! My Birthday was this past Wednesday and I had a blast. My Facebook was so much fun as I read all the well wishes — many from former students. That is the best birthday gift a person can get. I told someone that I enjoy good health, great friends and a wonderful family, what more could I ask? God had blessed me in so many ways!!!

Floy Rea, my sister, cooked a wonderful meal for me on Friday; Her granddaughters, Leigh Ann and Jessica, came and brought their cute little girls — Ellie & Addie are growing up like sisters and will be dedicated together at Cook Baptist Church on Sunday. They both have wonderful parents and will be brought up surrounded by Christian families. What a blessing they are to our family!!

Halloween, this year, will be on Saturday night. therefore, our church is sponsoring a “trunk or treat” on the church parking lot on Saturday night. If it is raining, we will move to the Fellowship Hall. Bring your kids out for a little fun with us. Bro. James had first thought of a Hobo Stew supper for the adults but I think it has been changed to chili and soup; adults will be able to do what they enjoy best-eating-and the kids will have fun at the same time; of course, we never get too old to enjoy seeing all those cute kids in costume, getting excited about a few goodies. How little it takes to make kids happy!

Our pastor, Bro. James, had a message for us, on Sunday that admonished us to get back to the basics. The Bible, our book of God’s instructions, Jesus Christ and the example He set for us in our lives. Each day we should ask ourselves if we are Christ-like as we go about our everyday lives. Do others see Jesus in us as we interact with others? Sometimes adjustments need to be made and usually this is on a daily basis for most of us. Not only do we, individually, need to get back to the basics but our country as well. Let’s remember to pray for our country, leaders and for the new leaders that will be coming in. Be sure and pray, but also. remember to vote on November the second. God’s desire for us is be a good people, a Christian nation and to rely on him for leadership.

Thought for the Day

All that I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all that I have not seen — Ralph Waldo


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