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August 29, 1929

Night and Day Service

Mr. G. E. Lindsey is running his gin night and day now. By doing this he is giving the people the kink of service they are looking for.

Mr. Lindsey has made considerable improvements in his gins the past summer, putting in new saws and having his machinery all overhauled. He also added a cleaner system, which assures a better turnout and better sample for his customers.

Mr. N. L. Moncrief, principal of the Spearsville High school, was a visitor in Bernice Wednesday and gave us an order for a supply of printed stationary.

Mr. and Mrs. Prentis Stewart spent the week end with relatives in Ansley.

School Opens Sept. 9th.

The 1929-30 term of the Bernice High school will open on Monday, September 9th.

Mr. C. C. Kennedy, the new principal, has been here for the past few weeks getting things lined for the opening day. The entire faculty has been selected and all have accepted their places.

The personals of the facility are as follows:

  • Mr. C. C. Kennedy, principal
  • Miss Sudie Carroll, assistant principal

Teachers in the high school are:

  • Mr. F. P. Talbert
  • Mrs. Guy McDonald
  • Miss Myrtle Talbot
  • Miss Kittie Killpatrick
  • Mrs. C. G. Black

Teachers in the Grammar school are:

  • Miss Leone Lewis
  • Mrs. D. B. Garland
  • Mrs. Fate Mabry
  • Mrs. T. Edd Thompson
  • Miss Aural Jones
  • Miss Ruth Gowe
  • Mrs. K. F. Thaxton

Pastor Resigned

Rev. Wingo, pastor of the First Baptist church, Bernice, tendered his resignation on last Sunday effective October 1st., and a conference meeting was called for Wednesday night and the resignation of Rev. Wingo was accepted, effective September, 1st.

Mr. Berry Abbet and Prof. C. L. Mondart, of Spearsville were business visitors in Bernice Monday. While here Prof. Mondart left an order for a supply of printed stationery.

Mrs. Hial Cobean spent Monday in El Dorado.

A Community Fair

At a general mass meeting held in the Spearsville High school Friday, August 23, a community fair was organized which will be held at the Spearsville school on Monday, October 21.

Mr. P. A. Griffon, Dr. V. E. Dudley, and Mr. C. L. Mondart agriculturist, addressed the meeting.

The Camp Creek, Mt. Union, Beech Grove, Lillie, and the Canaan communities were asked to participate in the fair and the following men and women were elected from these communities to promote the movement in their respective districts.

Camp Creek, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rockett, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Rockett and Mr. and Mrs. W. T. McDougal.

Beech Grove, Mr. John Taylor, Mr. John Dison.

Mt Union, Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Everett, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Stone.

Lillie, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Goss, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Nelson.

Canaan, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Upshaw, Mr. and Mrs. Les Davis and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Risinger.

Mr. T. B. Brazeal, Mrs. P. A. Griffon, Mr. B. F. Knight, Mr. Dan Senn, and Mr. Berry Abott were appointed to promote the interest of the fair in the Spearsville community.

Blue and red ribbons will be given for the following first and second best exhibits.

Class 1 – Agriculture

  • Ten ears of any dent corn
  • Tend ears of any prolific
  • Fifty ears of any corn
  • Half peck corn meal
  • Ginners sample cotton
  • Bundle of any forage
  • Display of truck crops
  • Display of fruits
  • Display grains, seeds, etc.
  • Stalk cotton any variety
  • Class II – Live stock – Poultry
  • Duroc Jersey sow
  • Duroc Jersey pig
  • Duroc Jersery boar
  • Poland china sow
  • Poland china pig
  • Poland china boar
  • Hogs any breed
  • Litters any breed
  • Pen of any rocks
  • Pen of any chickens – egg or meat type
  • Dairy heifer or calf, any breed
  • Dairy bull, any breed
  • Dairy cows, any greed
  • Beef cattle, any breed
  • Dozen eggs
  • Class III – Food Conservation
  • Loaf yeast bread
  • Exhibit any quick bread
  • Half dozen cookies
  • Cake, any kind
  • Pie, any kind
  • Half pound candy, any kink
  • Display canned products
  • Display preserved products in jars
  • Class IV – Textiles (homemade)
  • Specimen embroidery
  • Specimen crochet, knitting, tatting
  • Quilt any kind
  • Bedspread of any kind
  • Home made rugs
  • Infants garments
  • Adult garments
  • Specimen plain sewing
  • Exhibits of any nature, which will be of interest to the general public, will be received. Everybody is urged to attended the fair and to bring something in the way of an exhibit from their farm and home. The object of the fair is educational and a number of speakers of note will be on the program who will talk on timely farm topics.

A new shipment of felt hats in the new colors for fall at MILADY’S SHOPPE Mrs. J. D. Green

Mr. W. Tucker, of Strong, was here this week on business.

Mr. and J. C. Elliott, of Leola, Ark., is here visiting relatives and friends.

Mrs. Bass of Junction City is here visiting relatives.

Mrs. J. M. Butler and Miss Lurine Thaxton were visitors of Ruston Tuesday.

Mr. Dave Ferguson is at home after spending a few weeks at Noble.

WANTED — To hear from owner who has a good farm, for sale of 40 acres or less, Price reasonable, no house necessary. See or write. Melton H. Gray, Bernice, La., R. 1. Box 89.

BIRTHDAY PARTY – Mrs. B. L. St. John entertained a number of young people Tuesday night in honor of her son B. L.’s 17th birthday, many games were enjoyed and refreshments were served. The party was a surprise to B. L.

Mr. D. O. Talbot and family, of Stamps Ark., and Mr. G. L. Talbot, of Lake Charles, were here Sunday visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Talbot.

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Kennedy had as their guest last week their niece, Miss Edna Powell of Homer.

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Kennedy and Miss Powell spent Sunday in Marion.

A singing school is being taught here in the Baptist church by Mr. Dallas Goss with good attendance each night.

Mr. J. A. Reynolds of Summerfield spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Booles.

BUILT NEW STREET The city council has had a street built into the Bernice cemetery. This has been one badly needed street, as it was impossible to get to the cemetery during the winter when the road would get almost impassable. Now this road has been graded up in good shape and graveled.

Mr. Walter Miller, of El Dorado, was here Sunday visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Miller.

Notice of Bankrupt Sale In the matter of Joe Fuller Smith, Bankrupt, No. 3894. In the United States District Court of the Western District of Louisiana. By virtue of an order issued by J. M. Grimmet, Referee in Bankruptcy, of date August 21, 1929, notice is hereby given that I will offer for sale at public auction, on SATURDAY, AUGUST 31, 1929, notice is hereby given that I will offer for sale at public auction on SATURDAY, AUGUST 31, 1929 at the hour of 11:00 A. M. at the store building formerly occupied by the bankrupt, at Bernice, Louisiana, the stock of merchandise, fixtures, and accounts belonging to the said bankrupt estate, all of said property being appraised at $3,918.64. Said sale to be made for cash, to the last and highest bidder, free of all liens and encumbrances, subject to the approval and confirmation of the Court. SAM L. BARKSDALE, Trustee.


Mrs. M. C. Still entertained the B. Y. P. U. class Monday night by giving a hay ride. She was assisted by Mrs. W. L. Odom and Mrs. Thaxton.

Mrs. Ross Ferguson and Mother, Mrs. Carmicheal visited Mrs. Hamp Lewis at El Dorado several days this week. Mrs. Lewis is confined in a Sanitarium after an operation.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Torbron and son, were visitors in El Dorado, Tuesday.

Last Sunday morning Uncle Bob Cook went out and got Mr. Will Green to go with him and they went to a whiskey making out fit they had been watching for several weeks. There has been no one working the outfit since it was first discovered. They destroyed the outfit. It was located west of town on Mr. Dolph Fuller’s place, about 1-4 mile form Mr. Fullers residence.

Miss Jewel McCuller was a visitor in El Dorado, Sunday.

Miss Dorothy Green who has been the guest of Miss Allegra Phillips this week returned to her home in Bastrop, Wednesday. She was accompanied to Ruston by Mrs. J. C. Phillips, Misses Allegra Phillips, Nan Ison and Alice Burns.

Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Bolles carries their little son. Joe Robert to El Dorado Wednesday and had his tonsils removed.

If you are going to Tyler Commercial College this fall, you can get a Scholarship at The Bernice Journal office that will save you money.

LOST – 3 Head of cattle and two goats, one white and black spotted and the other white. Finder please notify C. T. Salley, Bernice, La.

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