Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
November 11, 2010

Over the past two weeks, God has been in the business of creating a miracle in this little sliver of the world we call home. With a stroke of His hand, He painted our sky a beautiful blue with large, white, puffy clouds. The trees, then, dressed in orange, yellow and red against a background of the vivied green foliage of the pines. Next, he scattered these beautiful colored leaves and the brown pine straw over our lush green lawn and pastures. Lastly, he carefully placed a brilliant sun, at just the right angle, to warm our days following these crisp, cool nights of November. God named this beautiful painting, “Fall in the Village of Spearsville”. God is good to us in every aspect of our lives!!!

Hunting season has begun and most of our people, men, women, girls, and boys hit the woods bright and early Saturday morning to be the first to get a shot at “Bambi”. The deer should be easy to spot for they have not been shy when wanting to eat their share of vegetables and fruits from our yards. Jolie Pepper Harrison was the only success story I heard on Sunday; however, all those freezers will be filled within the next few weeks, without a doubt. Some of us, who do not hunt, go shopping. On Friday, Floy Rea, Betty Barron, Bonnie Rhodes, and I did just that — didn’t buy very much but the fun is really just in the going, and spending time with our friends. Karen Trull and her mother, Mary Risinger, took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to see the Vietnam Memorial that is touring the U. S. and being displayed at Chanault Field in Monroe. They were very impressed, and it bought back so many memories of that sad time in our history.

A couple of weeks ago, Canaan Baptist Church hosted the 5th Sunday Singing for the area churches. They turned it into a very special event with an invited musical group from Minden, The King’s Servants. A good group turned out even though there was a lot going on in the various churches. Everyone who went, truly, received a blessing; we appreciate Canaan for doing something different by providing such beautiful music. After the musical, a meal was served. You can always count on this church to put on quite a feast.

Our Little Yellow House Pictorial Museum is really catching on as I had two requests for a viewing, last weekend — Ms. Pearl Harris, Vanette and David Harris on Saturday and Debbie Colvin Vlahakos on Sunday. They were amazed at how much work had been done and the treasure it is for our children and grandchildren. It is always a pleasure for me, and any of the committee is ready to expand by filling the third room with pictures of any of our Spearsville veterans from early wars up through the most recent ones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Just get those pictures to us and we’ll be happy to display them — Please give information about years served as well as any conflicts or wars involved.

Brian Williams and his family are getting established on his new mission field in Thailand. If you have a computer, it will be easy to keep up with Brian through Facebook. Christians and serve God by spreading the gospel to people who have little or no concept of Jesus Christ, our Savior. This is a monumental task in a foreign land — different food, customs, language, religion, social culture, and at the same time keeping a watchful eye out for the deadly cobra. With God all things are possible — even this task!!

On October 25th Vergil Rhodes celebrated his 84th birthday surrounded by family and friends in Tri-Ward Hospital. Three days later, while Marie Rockett was helping him get dressed and ready to meet a new day, he was quietly tapped on the shoulder, told that he had been a good and faithful servant, and now his work on Earth is finished. God released him from the bounds of this world and escorted him right up to his new home, heaven — a home so magnificent that our human minds are too small to even imagine. We thank God for the years that we knew Vergil, the influence he had on his children, grandchildren, extended family, and his family and, indeed, all of us in the days of come.

Thought for the Day

Friends are special. They make you smile and encourage you to succeed; they lend you an ear when you are sad; they share a word of praise when you most need it. Friends are hugs from God.


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