From Point

The Gazette
March 14, 1906

Will try to write again and tell you all how the Point country is improving. We had two runaways this week, a pair of mules ran away with an empty wagon on Wednesday while the driver was eating his dinner, the result, of which, was a torn-up wagon. On Thursday another team ran with a loaded wagon to Mr. Robert Lee’s home where they were stopped by Mr. Sam Terral result – a new married couple. The happy pair were Mr. James Littleton and Miss Lottie Albritton. We wish them joy and prosperity in their wedded life.

Miss Katie Colvin went to Farmerville Saturday to attend the Teacher’s Association held there. She was accompanied by Mrs. Tina Hodge.

Mr. S. U. Jones of Downsville was here last week selling spectacles.

Services at the Methodist Church here last Sunday by Mr. John Futrell.

A baby boy entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Foster last Thursday.

Mrs. Mary Mims, an aged lady of Downsville, died Friday. She was related to several families of this place.

Mr. J. F. Antley went to Monroe this week on business.

Mr. W. G. Smith of Ouachita Parish was over again Friday visiting relatives.

The people of this community are improving the Acre graveyard clearing off the trees and wiring it in with net wire.

Mr. L. B. Carter went to Farmerville Saturday on business.



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