Ouachita Items

The Gazette
March 14, 1906

Gentle spring will soon smile away stern winter and cover the earth with her green carpeting, and from most every home in our village the breath of flowers perfumes the air.

While the unfading evergreen that has robbed winter of her chill still twines around some of the very and as.

Our fields will soon wave with the emerald verdure of the majestic corn for some of the farmers have planted, and those who have not are busy displaying their skill with the plow.

Mr. J. P. Kirkpatrick says he has the fine prospect of a nice garden this year.

Mr. J. A. Peek and family have returned from New Orleans.

Drs. Potts and Trezevant, DeSiards popular physicians have been riding a great deal on account of so much sickness.

Mr. Jim Montgomery paid a flying visit to Monroe last week.

Three miles south of here and one mile from where the Little Rock and Monroe road crosses the Ouachita river I hear spoken of a new gravel pit to be constructed in a short time not far from where the old one was last summer.

Mr. Roark of Marion, your letters were very impressive and we earnestly wish to win you back. It seems like the brittle vessel of life glides down the stream of time with you smoothly amidst all the vicissitude and trails of life.

Best wishes for The Gazette and its readers.



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