Bernice Local News

The Bernice Journal
September 26, 1929

Everett Association

The Everett Baptist Association was in annual session at Spearsville Baptist Church last Friday and Saturday. After the house was called to order, the organization was perfected by electing Rev. Clete Smith, moderator, and moderator and Mr. W. W. Rockett, clerk. The next meeting will be held with Marion church.

After general routine business all necessary committees were appointed and the work of the association was attended to in the usual manner and everything and everybody was working in fine shape for the benefit of the entire organization.

This meeting of the association was considered one of the most interesting meeting held in several years and a large number of delegates and visitors were in attendance. The delegates were high in their praise of the way in which they were entertained by the people of Spearsville and the visitors were more than glad to have the opportunity to be with the folks at this particular time.

Dinner was served on the ground each day and the ladies of Spearsville community proved their ability at preparing good things to eat. After the large crown had eaten to their satisfaction it was almost impossible to tell that the supply had been bothered.

To say the least, the people of Spearsville community are royal entertainers and know just how to treat visitors and make them feel at home.

Mr. Van Odom returned to Alto today (Thursday) after a visit here with his parents.

See our new line of ready to wear in wash and silk dresses at a great saving “The Dept. Store” Maude Phillips.

Miss Mattie Maude Smith of Farmerville was at home for the week end.

Mrs. W. L. Odom and son, Billie, visited in El Dorado, Smackover, Norphlet and Camden the first of the week.

Mr. and Victor Cole, of Spearsville was a business visitor here Monday.

Dr. O. (?), O’Neal, of Spearsville, transacted business here Monday.

Mr. Jack Copeland and family of Norphet, were here Sunday visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Riordan.

Those from here who attended Everett Association at Spearsville last week were Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Mitcham, Mr. J. E. Davis, Mrs. J. C. Davis, Mrs. Marvin Tanner, Mrs. L. D. Carroll, Mrs. Faulkner, Miss Sudie Carroll, Mr. J. M. Fallen, and Rev. M. V. Burns.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Barbee, of Strong, Ark. spent Sunday here with Dr. O. E. Glover.

Mr. Shep Fitzgerald, of El Dorado, was here Sunday visiting relaties.

Mr. A. A. Smith of Summerfield was and business visitor here Saturday.

Mr. H. C. Hooter and Mr. Woodard, of Strong, Ark. were guests of Mr. Young Burns, Sunday.

The Rev. P. W. Lofton, of Pineville, a former pastor of Bernice, preached at the Baptist church Sunday. A large congregation at each service morning and night.

Miss Mary Durlam spent the week end with her parents at Junction City.

Ray Thaxton left last week to re-enter school at Baton Rough.

If you wan hose that will give service, try the “Better Made Hosery” in the new fall shades at The Dept. Store, Maude Phillips,

Mr. E. C. Colvin was a business visitor to Monroe and Calhoun Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Moncrief and children of Spearsville, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Booles.

Mr. Johnson Williams has accepted a position with the Faulkner Chevrolet Co., at Farmerville.

Mr. and Mrs. Aylmer Hollis and daughter, and Mrs. J. T. Hollis and children, of Marion, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Colvin and son, of Ruston, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hollis Sunday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hollis on Sept. 15th, a fine girl. They have named the little lady Martha Blanche.

Mr. and J. B. Adcock visited her father, Mr. W. R. Gray at El Dorado Sunday.

Messrs. George Adcock and Smith of Minden, were visitors here Sunday.

Celebrates Birthday

Mrs. Ada Butler celebrated her birthday on last Sunday. There were forty two of her relatives and friends present to enjoy the day with her. After a very pleasant time during the morning dinner was spread under the large shade trees where everyone present enjoys a most bountiful dinner which had been prepared for the occasion. All left wishing Mrs. Butler many more happy years.

Mr. Alymer Hollis and family of Marion, visited relatives here Sunday.

Mr. C. C. Enloe and family of Dubach, spent Sunday with Mr. L. Z. Robinson and family.

Mr. Erkin Gaston and family are here visiting relatives.

Messrs. A. J. Paterson, Dayton Harroll and Doyl Ferguson were visitors to Monroe Sunday. They had the misfortune to getting their car knocked off the highway by another car driven by a negro. No one was injured.


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