Bernice Local News

The Bernice Journal
October 3, 1929

Circle 3 Entertained

Circle No. 3 of Baptist Church entertained the entire W. M. S. Monday evening, having also our Methodist friends as guests. The occasion was a rare one indeed., full of jolly anticipation and mirth, showing the capable ability of Mrs. W. H. Harris, who had the program in charge. We extend our thanks to Bro. Moreland for his splendid talk especially in behalf of our boys and very earnestly do we express our appreciation to all members of Circle 3 for the delicious refreshments served and we voted a rising thanks to invite Circle 3 to entertain again in the near future. Publicity Committee.


Your eyesight is your biggest asset, don’t neglect them.

Dr. Friedman, the best known and most Scientific Optometrist, who has been visiting this Territory for 25 years will be at Dr. Glover’s office, Bernice, Tuesday, October 8th. At Farmerville Hotel Farmerville Wednesday, October 9th. At Dr. Gulley’s office, Marion Thursday, October 10th. Be sure and call and have him Test your eyes, he will sure please you.

We have just received a new shipment of hats, coats, and dresses that will be on display Saturday. DEPT STORE, Maude Phillips

Notice Baptist W. M. S.

All members of executive committee are requested to please get your announcements to the president during the week days for the following service announcements. The enlistment committee meets Thursday evening at 3 o’clock at The Model Variety Store. Circle No. 1 meets with Mrs. Elza Robinson next Monday afternoon.

Rain hats to match your coat in various colors, a hat you can turn outside in and inside out. See the at R. W. PATTERSON

Mr. G. W. Dennam who has been very ill is able to be out again.

Mrs. M. L. Goyne of Fairbanks visited relatives Sunday.

Captured A Still

Sheriff F. W. Murphey, G. M. Edwards, R. B. Mabry and State Highway Police Jack Radford raided a still in Ouachita river bottom near Shiloh Landing. Tuesday morning at 8:30 and caught Charley Brantley, Fred Brantly and Joe Lee Brantly. The Officers found about 1400 gallons of mash and a 10 gallon keg all most full of whiskey. The prisoners were carried to Farmerville and placed under bond to await the action of the Grand Jury.

Smocks in flowered (?) just what you need to wear with your short sleeve dresses, for $1.00. Also long sleeve dresses in attractive designs in all sizes $1.00, R W. PATTERSON

See my line of hosery in all shades for ladies and children. MILADY’S SHOPPE Mrs. J. D. Green.

Miss Lo(?) Cook who is teaching in the school at Junction City, was at home for the week end.

Subscribe for The Bernice Journal $1.00 a year.

Coming October 15th

The Seawall Co., will put on a play “Rosetime” October 15th at the School auditorium under the auspices of the Eastern Star. This play is Modern Gain of Humor, Romance and Music. Admission 35 and 50 cents. Don’t forget the date, and be there.

Mrs. C. J. Goss of Fairbanks, was called here this week on account of the illness of her father, Mr. E. W. Mitcham.

Mrs. E. J. Bennett and son, James, of Smackover, were guests of Mrs. W. L. Odom Sunday.

Miss Christine Adcock attended the Circus in El Dorado Friday.

Mrs. Simpson, of Beaumont, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. St. John and daughter, Mrs. Smith and little daughter, Ruth, all of Monroe, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Beville Sunday.

Mrs. Ada Butler visited friends in Rayville and Ruston last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Melton visited their daughter, Miss Gladys, at Haynesville, Sunday.

Mrs. P. K. Lusk and son, Paul Keath, Jr. of Homer, visited Mrs. Etta Goyne, here Sunday.

FOR SALE OF RENT. One 5 room house. Two rooms for light housekeeping . Can take some boarders. See. J. M. Melton

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hammett of El Dorado, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Stewart Sunday.

Mrs. Ruby Reagan of Monroe is visiting relatives here this week.

Those attending the Zone meeting at Summerfield last Saturday were: Rev. and Mrs. L. P. Moreland, Mesdames, J. L. Caldwell, D. W. Caldwell, R. A. Autrey, A. L. Mabry, Will Tanner, W. R. Lynn, F. J. Booles and Kierbow.

Mr. Billy Denham and family have moved into the house recently vacated by J. C. Phillips and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Howard have moved to Mrs. J. P. Daniels, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rockett, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Salley are doing lighthouse keeping at Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Butler’s.

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Welch are having their home remodeled.

The Rev. Hamilton of Eunice, La., who was recently called to be pastor of the Bernice Baptist church preached Sunday morning and night.

Mr. and A. C. Foil and family of Gurdon, Ark., spent the week end here with Mrs. Foil’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. White.

Mr. Taft Burns is at home spending his vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cook were Visitors to Hico Friday.


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