Spearsville School

The Bernice Journal
October 3, 1929

  • General Reporter, Maxine
  • 8th Grade, Fannie Peal Terrell
  • 9th Grade, Joe Carroll
  • 10th Grade, Burton Risinger
  • 11th Grade, Mary Elizabeth Carroll


The people of Spearsville are very much interested in the community fair which is to be held at the Spearsville High School on October the twenty first. It will be an all day affair. There will be a dress parade: exhibits of different kinds. In the afternoon we expect to have basket ball games.

The Home Economics department is putting forth every effort to have an interesting style show. It will consist of a number of attractive woolen dresses and other things which they have made.

Exhibits are now being collected by the agricultural boys. They will have a display of farm products as well as other things. Mr. C. L. Mondart, our agricultural teacher has worked faithfully with his boys doing everything within his power to have a grand little fair. We are hoping that he meets with success.

The teachers and pupils of Spearsville High School have organized a publicity Club. This club will, through the medium of the Farmerville Gazette and Bernice Journal, let the people know what is going on at Spearsville school. The following individuals have been elected by the students or class member to represent the school or their respective classes. It is the duty of these members to collect news or any items that may be of interest to the community and prepare it to be sent into for publication.


The girls have organized a basket ball team. This team gives promise of being a very good one. Maxine Barron has been elected as captain. The boys have been delayed in organizing on account of having to make repairs on the court.


The order has been sent for class rings for nineteen senior students. All members of the class are anxious to get them. They are expected within the next four weeks.

The whole class is busy (girls) remodeling woolen dresses, the ones that are to be on display at the fair.

The class is battling with physics. The battle has been raging since the beginning of school but we have won, and have hopes of soon completely overcoming it and become master of the subject.

The 11th grade has begun preparations to be 100’s on the Honor Roll.

Mr. Moncrief, on Physics Class: “It is said that Archimedes discovered specific gravity on getting into his bath.”

Forest: “Why had the principle never occurred to him before?”

Cita: ” Probably it was the first time he ever took a bath.”


We have a large class. There are thirty three in our room now, and more yet enroll. Four of the boys of this grade are Boy Scout members The eighth grade is rapidly improving in their work. Many of the boys and girls expect to become Honor Roll members.


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