Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
December 16, 2010

Christmas is in full swing; the only thing left to do is finish the shopping, do the baking and some of us still are in the process of getting our cards out, it’ll all get done — it always does.

Danny Manning is always going to have a special Christmas for he and his best friend and ole’ fishing partner, Gail, were married Sunday morning at 12:00 – right after church. We offer congratulates to them and best wishes for s long and beautiful life together. Even though Peggy Rockett is not getting out much these days she wanted to go so badly that Ricky and Edie came and got her for this wonderful occasion.

Mary Gene Rhodes went to Susan Spears’s this week and they went out for a fun day of eating out at Cracker Barrel and shopping. Michelle, her granddaughter, joined them for lunch — three generations having fun playing together.

John Rhodes has been having problems with a numbness in his hand; he had this, hopefully, corrected on Thursday. He is such an active person that it is hard to keep him from using his hand to allow healing. I went down to pick some greens from his patch Saturday, and he was down there given an ole pro’s opinion on which patch to pick out of to get those most tender. Hang in John; we’re in your corner!!!

Floy Rea had a special guest at church Sunday; her daughter and husband, Ski, came up for the day and brought lunch. How about that for guests. We had Ski’s Philly steak sandwiches with plenty of cheese; he said it was the best he could do for “you just can’t get the right ‘makings’ down south” (he is from Bethlehem, PA). They sure tasted mighty good to me but what do I know being from the Deep South. We had desserts of all kinds for lunch and coffee afterwards. Best of all was the visit with our family.

The Ruth Sunday School Class had it’s annual Christmas party at the church on Saturday. As always it was beautifully decorated by Pasty Saunders and several of her elves. Delicious food was provided by the caterer, Mary (Cookie) Grant and her daughter, Alisa. Stan Lenard said you needed Ibuprofen after the workout in the gift exchange of Mrs. Wright. Bro. James brought the devotional of the birth Jesus – the reason for the Season. A lot of fun was had by all on this wonderful traditional party.

Bro James brought a wonderful message Sunday on Luke’s description of the event 2,000 years ago. The four words to remember were 1. “Witness” as the shepherds did; they heard the wonderful message from the angels and went to see what wonderous thing had happened that night – A savior was born to bring peace to all mankind; the story that we are still telling. Through carols, cards, decorations and drama such as Pisgah’s “A Night in Bethlehem” 2. “Wonder” – Mary hid these things in her heart and pondered, meditated or reflected on this great thing that she didn’t fully understand, then she waited for 30 years for Jesus to completely come into his role for which he had come to Earth. The third word was ‘Wait’ for God is in His own time for Jesus to come into his own role. The fourth word is “Worship” – praising God and bearing gifts to our loved ones just as the Wise men who travel days, following the star. This is a wonderful story and one that never gets old; our spirit is renewed each year with God’s great love for us, that he would prepare a way for our Salvation – Jesus Christ, coming to live among Men and then dying so that we might have eternal life.

We are sad on this day for our friend, Vera Jones, has gone to be with the Lord. She was a wonderful teacher; one that her grown-up children are still saying “the best teacher I ever had, hands down”. (and WOW, could she ever tickle the ivories on a piano). Not only was she a good teacher but a great Christian and a friend to all who knew her. Ms. Vera Jones will be greatly missed. My life was greatly enriched because of this great lady!!!


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