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The Bernice Journal
October 10, 1929

BERNICE JOURNAL BERNICE LOUISIANA Entered at the Post Office at Bernice as second class mail. J. C. PHILLIPS, Editor Prop.

Let Miss Hilda Green give you a free facial Oct. 14-16 at The Bernice Department Store. See the ad in this issue.

See Mrs. J. C. Phillips for a comfortable bed room.

The high school facility attended the Teachers Institute in Farmerville, Tuesday.

Don’t forget the play at the Grammar School Auditorium next Tuesday night, October 15, given under the (?) of the Eastern Star.

M. C. Still, Barham Stirling and Young Burns attended the foot ball game at Ruston Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Scott and little son, of Winnfield, spent the week end here with her mother, Mrs. (?) Reeves.

Couple Will Be Missed Mr. J. F. Smith was here for the week end, and was accompanied back to Texas by Mrs. Smith. We regret very much to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith leave our town. Their many friends and customers will miss their pleasing personality at The Toggery and Fashion Shoppe. We wish them success in their new field of business.

Meet your friends and neighbors at the Community Fair at Spearsville, October 21.

Alvin Mabrey of Shreveport, spent the week end here with home folks.

FOR SALE – 140 acre farm 7 miles Southeast of Bernice, known as the W. C. Slater farm. About 70 acres in cultivation, with three residence on place and five good cotton houses, three wells, and two springs. Terms-Cash Value $4000.00 any party interested See J. L. Brooks, Route 1, Bernice La.

Parish Wide Meeting

A four parish mass meeting of business men and farmers has been called for Ruston, Wednesday afternoon, 2:00 o’clock, October 16, to determine finally if North Louisiana is to secure a whole milk plant. For the past several months, this matter has received the careful attention and investigation of some of the best business men and farmers in the parishes of Lincoln, Union, Bienville and Jackson. It now appears that the only thing that can prevent the coming of such an industry is a lack of interest and support on the part of the general public. The meeting called for October 16 as to ascertain exactly what this interest is and to determine, finally, if such an industry is to come to this section.

The meeting will open promptly at 2:00 o’clock. The business houses of Ruston will be closed under a proclamation issued by Mayor Goyne. It is confidently expected that a thousand community leader, representing every line of business activities, will be present from the four parishes. The farmer and his banker, his merchant, his doctor and his lawyer, will come together in this great mass meeting, to consider every phase of the proposed milk plant.

Union Parish leaders from every community, have pledged their attendance. It will probably be the most representative gathering of progressive, thoughtful men ever gathered in any section for any purpose.


The Intermediate B. Y. P. U. was pleasantly entertained in the home of Mrs. M. C. Still last Friday night. A large crowd was present. Numerous games were played and refreshments were served. Mesdames John Cullens, John Kinard, Wales Cullens, Jeff Couch and Miss Daisy Cullens, all of Junction City, were guests of Mrs. J. O. Williams Friday afternoon.

Burglars Busy

About $125.00 in cash, one automatic shot gun, two or three boxes of shells and a flashlight were missing Sunday morning when it was found that three stores and a filling station at Bernice had been entered by burglars the night before.

The stores entered were the Bernice Hardware Co., G. C. Hicks and Rob Mitchams store. The Log Cabin filling station was also raided. The robbers prized into Hicks’ safe, got about $125.00 in cash and scattered a lot of notes and papers around. The Hardware store missed the automatic shot gun and flashlight and shells. This was all that was reported to the officers Sunday morning.

Sheriff F. W. Murphy and Deputy Edwards were informed of the the burglary early Sunday morning and came to Bernice and spent the entire day making investingtions.

Dr. Weaver to Quit

Rev. M. E. Weaver, Superintendent of the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home near Monroe, since March of last year, resigned his post at a meeting of the board of trustees of the home last week, the resignation to take effect from November 25. He will be given a leave of absence dating from October 1 to November 25, when his resignation becomes effective. No successor to Dr. Weaver was named at the meeting of the trustees last week, and for the present Rev. L. M. Cole will act as superintendent.

Dr. Weaver was pastor of the West Monroe First Baptist church for about two years, resigning to become superintendent of the Children Home. It was while he was pastor there that the present Baptist chuch building was constructed at a cost of more that $100,000.

Dr. Weaver has not announced his his plans for the future.

Community Fair

The Bernice Journal has just completed a bulletin for the Community Fair to be put on at Spearsville, Oct. 21.

We believe this to be a wise and profitable step toward the building of any town and community. It should be to the interest of each individual to respond in some helpful way in putting this fair over.

No community is progressive without the individual being benefited. If the community is prosperous, the neighboring towns will also show a great progress.

Mrs. Minor Bennett is now saleslady at The Fashion Shoppe. Mr. John Tanner died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Melton Graves at Rayville, last Saturday. The remains were carried to Hebron Cemetery for burial Sunday afternoon. The Rev. L. P. Moreland conducted funeral services.

John Tanner

Mr. John Tanner died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Melton Graves at Rayville, last Saturday. The remains were carried to Hebron Cemetery for burial Sunday afternoon. The Rev. L. P. Moreland conducted funeral services.


The proud parents who are making announcements of the new arrivals are:

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Baily, a daughter, October 4th.

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Denham, a daughter, October 6th.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Williams, a boy October 6th.

Mr. Tom Garris, of Camp Creek, was a business visitor here Tuesday.

We are glad to report Mr. and J. W. Pardue, of Shiloh, up and able to be out again, after a few week illness.

Mrs. W. A. Colvin and Mrs. Pervancha of Dubach were guests of Mrs. R. W. Patterson, Wednesday.


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