Spearsville School

The Bernice Journal
October 10, 1929

General Reporter, Maxine Barron

8th Grade, Fannie Pearl Terrell

9th Grade, Joe Carrol

10th Grade, Burton Risinger

11th, Mary Elizabeth Carroll


Six girls, two Juniors and four Seniors were chosen to go to Farmerville, Junction City, Bernice and Lillie to sell advertising space in the bulletins to be used for the fair. The results in our estimation are good as we got about one hundred and sixty in cash with some with some added premiums. The school and community take this method of expressing their appreciation for the hearty cooperation of our neighboring towns in response to this feature of our community fair plan.

The High School selected mulberry and old gold for the school colors. Decorations at the fair will be of these colors. We also plan to have suits of these colors for both the ball girls and boys.

The Agriculture boys are bringing in their exhibits for the fair and we are also planning for the next years crop or project in the way of a cover crop. All the pupils and teachers are busy making preparations for the fair, every body seems to be interested in it. We are planning to make this fair the “Biggest Little Fair” possible.

Both the basket ball and base ball boys are practicing hard. They seem to be progressing and we are to have a game Oct. 21.

Mr. Heflin, a man from the Curtis Pub. Co., came Wednesday and organized the team to compete for subscriptions. Forest Terral was chosen Secretary. Doris Lambert and Willie Barron are leaders for the green side and Varna Barron and Mary Elizabeth Carroll leaders for the red.

The tenth grade girls cleaned the tenth grade room the last 30 minutes Thursday while the boys cleaned the school grounds.

Fifty were in the present tenth grade when they were Freshmen, twenty-nine when they were Sophomores now there are only twenty-five, but if twenty five graduate, they will still do better than the average.

The ninth grade has three boys and seven girls playing basket ball.

The eighth grade enrolled two new pupils this week.

The Language and science papers have been handed back with ninety and above for the eighth grade, they are working toward the honor roll.


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