Bernice Local News

The Bernice Journal
October 17, 1929

New Market. A new market is now in operation known as Copeland’s Market in the north part of town. Mr. Copeland promises to handle home raised fresh tender meats and vegetables. He is prepared to make quick deliverys.

Mrs. Lila Reeves spent last week in Dubach with relatives.

FOR RENT – 5 Room house. C. T. Salley

The Order of Eastern Star


Rose Time


Musical Comedy


Three Acts


Grammar School

Tues. Oct. 15, 1929


8:00 P. M.


Accompanist Mrs. M. W. Laurence


Pa Perkins – L. P. Moreland

Ma Perkins – Mrs. M. C. Still

Rose Perkins – Alice Burns

Jerry Hunter – James Glover

J. O. Jones – Burford Cagle

Babe Burnette – Caroline Green

Props O’Riely – Seth Sacklaford

Mademoiselle Jacqueline Deureany – Thelma Bradshaw

Squint Smith – John Porter

Salley Brown – Ruby Lee Odom

Julia Jones – Birdle Welch

Chorus Girls

Ruby Lee Odom

Ellen Key

Jean Stout

Beatrice Heard

Maurice Cook

Ruth Peppers

Doris Wainwright

Aline Tanner

Chorus Boys

J. Y. Odom

J. C. Watson

Lloyd Reid

Curtis Green

Max Aiken

Carl Aiken

Moses Mizelle

Otis Hurst

Chorus Girls

Mary Hollis

Mona Lee Odom

Clayton Heard

Maude Aimes Carroll

Lois Burns

Vivian Reid

Ruth Green

Evelyn Faulkner

Rose Time was one of the best plays given here, and every body was high in their praise of the play and also of the way each character performed his or her part.

The local order of the Eastern Star was sponsor of the show received about $104.75 and after all expenses were paid they had $54 clear.

P. T. A. Meeting

At a meeting of the P. T. A. Wednesday afternoon, new officers were elected. The Seniors had the most Mothers present.

A play under the auspices of the P. T. A. will be staged here October 29th. Read the posters in the Show windows and the stickers on the cars. Everybody be boosters.

Free Free Free

With $1.00 – $2.00 or $5.00 purchase, you get a beautiful picture (glass protected) choice selections from old Master subjects. including Landscapes Venetian Scenes etc; also Costume Jewelry absolutely free. Only one to a customer. Strictly cash October 10-21-22. Don’t miss this opportunity to get something for nothing at MILADY’S SHOPP – Mrs. J. D.Green

GINNERS REPORT There were 13,225 bales of cotton ginned in Union Parish from the crop of 1929 prior to October 1, 1929 as compared with 7,757 bales ginned to October 1, 1928. S. L. Baldwin, Special Agent

Mrs. Sam O. Bannon is having a new home built on the Carmichael land northeast of town. Mr. Ross Ferguson has the contract for the building.


Tuesday afternoon the members of circle three gathered at the home of Mrs. J. B. Adcock and quilted a quilt for the Baptist Orphanage. The afternoon was so enjoyably spent, the ladies are almost persuaded to quilt each week at the circle meeting. Mrs. Adcock served coffee and cake during the time they were quilting.

NOTICE To the owner of the little brown cow that is turned out at night, is very annoying on our premises at night. Respectfully, Mrs. J. C. Phillips.

Conference Held

Last Sunday night regular quarterly conference was held at the Methodist church. Rev. R. M. Brown, of Ruston, presiding Elder for this district, presided.

At the conference a petition was presented asking that Rev. L. P. Moreland be returned to this charge. And after some discussion, a unanimous vote was taken in favor of Rev. Moreland.

Rev. Moreland has been on this charge for the past year and is a hard worker. During this time he and his family have made many friends among the Methodist, as well as the Baptist people, who are anxious that this estimable family remain here for another year.

Mrs. R. V. Heard is visiting relatives in Winnfield this week.

Mrs. John Gresham and children, Miss Lou Gresham and Mr. D. H. Gresham visited relatives in Camden, Ark. Sunday.

BERNICE JOURNAL BERNICE LOUISIANA Entered at the Post Office at Bernice as second class mail. J. C. PHILLIPS, Editor Prop.

A Proclamation

Pursuant to a resolution passed by the Union Parish School Board of Union Parish, Louisiana, at a meeting held on the 1st day of October, 1929, I, Dr. Taylor, President, of said Parish School Board, do hereby give notice that, in compliance with said resolution, a special election will be held in Bernice School District No. 2, Parish of Union, Louisiana, on the 13th, day of November, 1929 for the purpose of submitting to the property tax payers qualified under the Constitution and laws of the State of Louisiana to vote at said election, the following proposition, to-wit:

To levy a special tax of three mills on the dollar on all the property in Bernice School District No. 2 Parish of Union, Louisiana, subject to State taxation, annually, for a period of five years, for general educational purposes in, said school district. It is understood that these 3 mills to be voted are to take the place of the 3 mills maintenance tax not be any increase in millage rate in said district.

For the purpose of said special election the polling place will be the Mayor’s office at Bernice, and the following commissioners and clerks of election of each polling place have been appointed to serve at this election, all of them will serve without compensation:

Clerk J. R. Hammock; commissioners, A. F. Pratt, C. C. Moore, and C. J. Heard.

At said special election the polls will open at seven o’clock A. M. and close at six o’clock P. M. and the election will be conducted in accordance with the laws of Louisiana applicable thereto.

The reason for asking for this special 3 cent tax is that the maintenance tax for the Bernice school district has expired and there is no money in the treasury with which to take care of the incidental expenses of the school.

At the present time there is needed grated for the the furnace at the school buildings and a large number of window lights will have to be replaced and several other things needed about the building. But as the tax has expired there is no funds for this purpose. To relieve the situation it is very necessary that the voters cast their votes for the 3 cent maintenance tax, on November 13th, 1920.

In a conference meeting Wednesday night at the Baptist church, tho Rev. Morgan that preached here Sunday, was unanimously elected to serve the church as pastor, and will preach here Sunday.

Notice To Boy Scouts

All the Boy Scouts of Bernice and community are requested to meet at the Methodist church Friday evening at 6:30. All the parents are urged to see that their sons attend this meeting, as plans will by made to attend the Scout Rally at Farmerville Saturday.

All parents who are interested in the Boy Scouts are asked to be present Friday night at the Methodist church at 8 o’clock. G. M. McDonald, Scout Master.

Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Moncrief and children of Spearsville were guests of Rev. L. P. Moreland and family Sunday.

FOR SALE – 200 acres north of Bernice, 80 acres in Bernice School District. Timber estimated 325,000 ft. good water the year round. Can arrange fine pasture, common Five room house and Barn, needing repairs, High School near by. Highway, College Bus to Ruston. Reason for selling, old age, unable to see after it. See me, Four miles south east of Junction City, or address, T. H. Barrett, Route 4, Lille, Lousiana.

Mrs. G. L. Robinson and son, Ralph, and Mrs. Davis of El Dorado, attended the play, “Rose Time” at the Grammar School building here Tuesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Green and Mrs. J. W. Mitchell of El Dorado, spent Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Autrey.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pierce and little daughter, of Baton Rouge visited her father, Mr. F. F. Johnson Sunday.

Mrs. Berry Cunningham, Mrs. G. W. James and Mrs. J. W. Mitchell of El Dorado attended the shower given at the home of Mrs. R. A. Autrey in honor of Mrs. D. W. Caldwell who is leaving for Monroe soon.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Young of Tallula, spent the week end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Welch.

Mr. and Mrs. Harris Williams and children of Junction City spent Sunday with Mr. and J. B. Adcock and family.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Welch and babys, Ouida Francis and George Gene of Oilfield school, recently visited Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Welch.

The Rev. Morgan of Shreveport, preached here at the Baptist church Sunday morning and evening.

Mrs. J. W. Bennett visited relatives in Junction City, Monday.

Mrs. R. W. Patterson and son A. J. and little grand daughter Evelyn McGee visited Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Allen at Quitman, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Salley spent Sunday in El Dorado with relativers.

Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Salley attended the fair at El Dorado Tuesday, and were invited guests at the banquet given by the merchants at the Randolph Hotel.

Mrs. Marvin Tanner was called to Baton Rouge Tuesday on the account of the illness of her son, Homer, who is there in the University.

FOR SALE – 140 acre farm 7 miles Southeast of Bernice, known as the W. C. Slater farm. About 70 acres in cultivation, with three residence on place and five good cotton houses, three wells, and two springs. Terms-Cash Value $4000.00 any party interested See J. L. Brooks, Route 1, Bernice La.


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