Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
December 9, 2010

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere we go. People have been busy dragging out all the decorations and trees from the closets and attics. Some of us cannot remember exactly where we put everything that must go up. With all the attacks on the traditions that we hold dear, it was heartening to hear the spontaneous concert of Handel’s “Messiah” in a food court (I didn’t get the location) on You-Tube. It even made the national news. The message of Christ and the celebration of His birth will continue to live if we, who call ourselves Christians, continue in boldness, to proclaim our beliefs in words, music, nativity scenes and other symbols during this Christmas Season. Let us pray for the courage to not bow to political correctness but to stand firm in the values that we cherish.

If you have a computer, I urge you to get on Facebook so that you can keep up with old friends and family. I have enjoyed the beautiful pictures of the spectacular trees of Kim Brantley, Robin & John Rhodes, The Clements and the beautiful poinsettias at the home of Brian Williams, in his new home of Thailand. My granddaughter, Helen, will be spending Christmas in the Mts. of Germany; I am looking forward to spending Christmas with her and her new friends, through pictures, in another country this year.

Saturday was a big day in Spearsville as we attended, what is beginning to be, the annual “Cookie Exchange” at the home of Tim and Denise Clement. This year was a beautiful, warm day-just the kind needed for this gala affair. Doors were open front and back. Children played on the stairs, down the wide hall, and out into the backyard. They made a game of piling up sticks. (Tim said that he needed them about once a week to to this job for him). The men swapped stories on the back porch with Denise, who had to be in bed for the day. We had a wide assortment of cookies-no tow batches alike-amazing!! Enough for all of us to be on a sugar high with coffee, hot tea, and cider to wash it down. We can’t thank Time enough for sharing their Christmas with us and pulling this community together in such a delightful way. It was special for them as well, as they had special visitors from New Iberia – cousins, Vickie and Barbara and Denise’s sister, Tracy from Delaware. It was wonderful!! Thanks Tim and Denise for kicking off this season in such a special way.

I saw on Facebook that Chris Taylor is making his way home for the holidays with a few detours through New York City, Philly, and Detroit as he visited with old friends and colleagues. The last I heard, he had arrived at his third home – his beautiful newly renovated mountaintop home in NC. On Sunday, he was drinking coffee while looking at the beautiful view of mountains covered with evergreens covered in fresh fallen snow. That sounds like the perfect place to snuggle down in during this time during his stay in USA.

John Campbell and his wife, LeeAnne, were guests at our church Sunday, as well as, his parents Helen and Sherwood Campbell of Summerfield. John shared with us all the wonderful work that has been done; transforming a rocky barren land into a lush landscaped campus with orchards that are bearing fruit and spacious permanent buildings for the orphans and staff. One could see and hear his love and dedication in doing God’s work in faraway Malawi, Africa as he told of miracles of God. They feel that the Lord is calling them to do another work in Peru and they will be going in January to get a feel for exactly the work that God has planned for them to do. We pray for a safe journey and clear revelations to John and LeeAnn as they seek His will in their lives.

The beautiful park in Spearsville was severely damaged by a truck with mud-grip tires, after a big rain, sometime on Thanksgiving night. These kids, for that is who we believe did it, are just having fun, but they just don’t realize how many people have worked very hard to have a park that is beautiful. It is used daily by walkers, picnickers, children on the slide and swings, and folks just visiting at the tables or benches; this type behavior must be stopped. Someone, no doubt, saw this happening and we need this information. Our mayor, Bob Shoemaker, said the Village would offer a $200 reward to anyone with information that would lead to the arrest/conviction of person or persons that did this terrible thing. We are seeking any help we can get.

Jennifer and Stanley Lenard are looking for hay to feed their horses this winter. If you have hay for sale or know someone who does, please contact them. They would really appreciate it. Jennifer took a tumble at church yesterday. She was carrying packages down the stairs and missed the bottom step. I haven’t heard what the x-ray showed but she thought her foot was broken. Please add her to your pray list. Also, add Theresa Stone Bruno’s son, Johnathon to your prayers, as well. He left this past week for another tour in Afghanistan. It’s bad to go anytime, but it is especially bad to leave for such a dangerous mission at Christmas time; hard on mother, grandmother, siblings and extended family. Please remember them and all the troops; our troops are doing for us what we can’t do for ourselves keeping us free from powers who wish to deprive us of the freedom and other rights we treasure.

Thought for the Day

Look back and thank God; look forward and trust in God; look around and serve God; look within and find God. This is what helps us live confidently with ourselves and tolerate the shortcomings, we perceive, in others.


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