Spearsville School

The Bernice Journal
October 17, 1929

The High School department was discontinued Tuesday October 8th in order that the teachers of this department might attend the teachers conference at Farmerville. The purpose of this meeting was to observe actual classroom instructions, getting new ideas that would carry over into the class room, thereby improving classroom instruction.

The bulletins concerning the Community Fair at Spearsville are from the press and have just been distributed. In this bulletin will be found a list of special premiums and awards, exhibits and the athletic program.

This week the agricultural boys are working on posters and charts to be exhibited at the Fair. They will also send exhibits to the state fair at Shreveport. A party of boys will go there for the purpose of judging dairy cows. They have planned to be in Ruston on the 24th of this month to take part in stock and corn Judging.

The basket ball boys and girls have an order placed for suits which are to be in school colors, mulberry red, and gold.


The home economics girls have began to make new woolen dresses. They are to be our nicest dresses for the winter. We have finished remodeling our dresses, these dresses are to be placed on exhibit at the fair.


We are laboring very hard in geometry although we get much we get pleasure from the call.

Today the question arose as to the value of geometry. Some of the students seemed to think that geometry had but very little practical value. Mr. Moncrief insisted that geometry was a very valuable subject. As an illustration of its value he gave us a problem to be solved which may be solved if your knowledge of geometry is sufficient.

The problem: how many acres of land are there in a triangular shaped field whose sides are the following dimensions. 800 yds x 200 yds x 150 yds.

Mr. Moncrief offers five dollars to any tenth grad student who brings in the correct solution by Monday.


The agriculture boys are busy preparing exhibits for the fair. The girls have been learning how to prepare and cook vegetables.

Of course some one in the 9th. grade expects to win in the prettiest girl contest. This contest is causing considerable primping among the girls.


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