Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
January 6, 2011

There have been lots of happening in the Little Village of Spearsville since the last time we chatted. By now all of the people in my circle have added not only children but grandchildren who have married and have children of their own; therefore, it is not easy to get everybody together on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. Families have had to adjust and use a different day, which makes the holiday really be spread over many days. The important thing is spending time with family and friends and that is just what happened.

Ann and Johnny Heard had Christmas in Minden with his family – Tammy, Ken and grandson, Chandler. Then on the twenty fourth they were in Spearsville with the Stone Clan for a gumbo supper. Ann said that everyone was able to come except for Johnathan & Beverly. Her family had gone to Kentucky to have Christmas with her son, Adam and his family. Johnathan (Theresa’s son is in Afghanistan) was able to call on Christmas Eve and Ann and Theresa talked to him on the phone.

Betty and Bruce Barron went to Shreveport to enjoy Santa with the grandchildren, Jacob and Evie. Their son, Clint, came to be with them. During the past week, Kelli, Jeremy, and the kids came to Spearsville to spend a few days.

Oda Rockett went to Baton Rouge, on the 19th to enjoy Christmas with Anissa, her family and then on to Houston to be with Marilyn and her family where they were later joined with the entire Rockett family for their traditional annual gathering. She returned home on Sunday the 26th tired but so happy that they had again been together for this wonderful and memorable occasion.

Bro. James and Shirley Miller had their family on Thursday before Christmas. Everyone was able to come and brought food. Jan is the dressing maker and Floy Rea supplied the dumplings. Bro. James said there were sweets galore which, being a diabetic, he really needs – lol. He will just have to do without sugar for the next few weeks to get everything back to a manageable level.

Mary Gene Rhodes started her Christmas early by carrying Bobbie Bennett and Lynette Barron for a visit to her daughter, Lou Ellen, in West Monroe. She said that Lou had everything decorated so pretty and a delicious meal for them. They enjoyed most just sitting and visiting together, which they had not done for a long time. On Wednesday before Christmas, Phillip Smith, Mary’s son-in-law, came for her for a visit with their family, Laurie, Nathan, Elizabeth & Hannah. Vergil (Buddy) and his wife, Susan came from Bartlesville, OK to join them. On Christmas Eve Night they enjoyed a special candlelight service at First Baptist Church in Bentonville where Phillip is the pastor. Mary Gene came back just in time for a visit with here daughter, Helen Asphar, her children David, Sarah, and her spouse, Jeremy Carter. On Sunday Beth came to be with her; they enjoyed eating out in El Dorado after attending Church.

The Maurene Barron family celebrated Maurene’s 98th birthday (Dec. 19th) over several days. On New Year’s Day they had a big whing-ding with all the family including Dr. Joe (Joey) and Charlotte — sharing gifts, eating a delicious meal, laughing, talking and remembering happenings of years long past. Events such as this are just priceless!!

Floy had her family on the 27th, with several missing due to illness, Doctor appointment and work. The ones who were there had to high-ho good time – playing with the kids, eating, sharing gifts and playing “Rock”. It seems as if every family, brought something special to eat. We have all been on a sugar high for days but it was a most enjoyable day and we love our children and grandchildren for making the effort to make it such a special day.

This was the first year that I have had both of my kids, Bobby and Shana, in Spearsville for Christmas for 20 years or more. Helen, my granddaughter is is in Germany with a different family. Through this new technology, Skype, we were able to see and talk to her as if she were sitting in the room with us. Helen continued our tradition of her doing a mini concert of Christmas music through Skype. She sang two of my favorites, “Oh Holy Night” and “Silent Night”. I am so grateful for this gadget that lets me and so many other be with their families in this special way – especially our troops overseas. It is just like a visit without the hugs.

Several of our friends have been sick or had surgery over the past few weeks. Drew Rockett had been in the hospital for several days, got to come home only to have to be rushed back after only a day or two. He is in Glenwood Hospital in Intensive Care (or was the last I heard). Let’s remember him and his family during this difficult time. Jerri Breland had some lung problem and had surgery in Shreveport. She later developed pneumonia and contracted a staph infection. Patsy Saunders reported to us on Sunday that Jerri is not out of the woods but is doing much better and has been transferred to E. A. Conway in Monroe. She is in our thoughts and prayers. Bob Shoemaker had back surgery and is in neck brace. He is recuperating quite well. Robert Foster had surgery on his colon before the holidays and has been undergoing treatment. He is in New Orleans as he needs to be near his doctor and the treatment center. We want him to know we are thinking of him and praying for a complete recovery.

This is that time of the year when we vow to do better in the coming year – be more tolerant, think of others and their needs, let our family and friends know how important they are in our lives, seek God’s guidance for a closer walk with Him in our daily lives. I ran across this quote from Benjamin Franklin that would be as good a New Resolution for each of us today as it was back in the 1700’s: “Search others for their virtues; thyself for thy vices.” If we all did this most of our problems would be solved.

Thought for the Day

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars.


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