Pisgah News

The Bernice News-Journal
Thursday, January 21, 1960

Our Pastor, Bro. James Watkins, brought an inspiring message Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fitzgerald and children of Shreveport and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Welch, Jr. and children of Weldon visited in the home of their parents, Mr.and Mrs. Victor Tabor, Sanday.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Till of Bernice visited in the home of Mrs. Dave Ferguson Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Preston Copeland and family of Dodson and Mrs. and Mrs. S. C. Copeland and family of Homer visited their mother, Mrs. Eva Copeland, over the week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Grafton of Farmerville and Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Taylor and son of El Dorado visited in the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Grafton, over the week-end.

Mrs. Claude Cobb of El Dorado was visited Sunday by Mrs. Maurine Grafton and Mrs. Darleen Grafton and children.

Mrs. Maurine Grafton and Mrs. Waymon Kelley and children visited Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Brown and Mrs. Charlie Jackson at Mansfield one day last week.

Mrs. Daisy Fuller is sick. We hope she will be better soon.

We are proud to report that Uncle Dan Grafton and Mrs. Ethel Bennett are improving.

Mr.and Mrs. Harry Kimball of Homer visited Mrs. Ada Shackelford and Colvin Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Dendy, Mrs. L. B. Williams and Mrs. Mag Dendy visited Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Dendy and girl Sunday.

Mr. Bob Reagan is not doing too well. We hope he feels better soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Shackelford visited Mrs. Janie Milner Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Odie Fitgerald visited their son, Roy Fitzgeraid, and family in Ruston one day last week.


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