Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
March 28, 1906

D. C. Murry Heirs to Gen. F. Regan, 480 acres land, $267.25.

John Donley to Pryor, Fullenwader & Co. 80 acres land $320.

Quincy Adams to J. C. Byrom, 220 acres land, $178.32.

D. W. Spencer et al., to C. H. Hudson, lot in Archer, La. $45.

S. N. Brazzel to J. W. Stancil & Bro. 12 acres land $40.

T. M. Tubberville to Jerry Williams, 46.36-100 acres land, $208.62.

R. Patrick to Mrs. S. E. Austin, 100 acres land, $220.

J. T. Wainwright to D. T. & W. E. Poster, 195 acres land, $800.

W. S. and Chas. Byron to J. T. Hill, 40 acres land, $40.

G. M. Starnes, et al. to Starnes Lbr. Co. saw mill timber etc. $15,000.

Mrs. S. E. Austin to R. Patrick, 100 acres land $200.

M. J. Pearson to James Farmer, 15 acres land, $25.

J. W. Byrant to N. J. Rea, 80 acres land, $480.

Mrs. C. E. Pace to J. M. Tettleton, 100 acres land, $485.

Mrs. E. McCormick to S. L. Robinson, 118 acres land, $675.

J. L. McDermott to O. T. Stancil, 40 acres land $312.50.

A. F. Stancil to J. L. McDermott, 80 acres land, $825.

J. R. Fuller et al. to J. L. Gilbert, 100 acres land, $214.40.

G. F. Driggers to J. B. Williams 78 acres land $540.

E. A. Buckley to J. W. Hunt, 1 lot land $5.

L. C. Goyne to Milton Douglas, 140 acres land, $190.25.

H. H. Rockett to S. H. Rockett, 30 acres land, $135.

J. M. Risinger to J. M. Mason, 60 acres land, $302.50.

Sam Pepper to J. C. Autrey, 40 acres land $27.50.


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