Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
February 3, 2011

It seems that nothing elicits interest and conversation like the mention of weather!! After last week, when I mentioned the extreme weather Helen was experiencing in MA. I have heard from several of our folks from around the world. Melanie Barron Brooks, from around the world. Melanie Barron Brooks, from Kazakhstan, reported that it was -18 with snow on the ground and still snowing. Curtis Thomas is in ND and it has been getting down as low as – 36 at night; Michael Winan, a former student from Bernice, lives in the Lake Erie area and he says that we simply do not know what cold weather really is; my niece, Patricia Franklin sent a note that she once lived in Upper NY and walked on Lake Ontario. My nephew-in-law, Ski, called his brother, in PA, with our good news of 70 degree weather on Saturday and was told that they were expecting 8 more inches of snow, and Tim Clement’s family in NJ were experiencing cold temps and more snow while Tim was enjoying our Bluebird Weather near 75 (haven’t heard from Joe Barron in Nebraska). The only person that was suffering from heat, that I heard from, was Brian Williams in Thailand. He was mopping sweat from his brow and picking out bright colored tropical shirts from a shop in their town. I am now convinced that we have nothing to complain about, even if it does dip a bit below 20 in the upcoming week; I will just remember our old friends who really are cold and thank God that I live in this Little Village of Spearsville.

On Tuesday, of last week, we went to Farmerville to enjoy lunch and visit with Gov. Jindal. Due to bad weather, he was unable to fly in so our state senator, Mike Walsworth, was the guest speaker. He pretended to introduce Gov. Jindal and then assumed the role of the governor and gave the speech that he had heard him give many times over the last few weeks. One of the main topics was the dire financial condition of our state. One of the first things to tackle in order to cut spending is higher education. Many of our universities and technical schools, across the state, are going to be required to combine like courses in order to eliminate duplication. Some of the smaller universities might meet the needs as a community college/technical school. I was very interested in this as Shana, my daughter, teaches at Nichols State at Thibodeaux, and her job might be in jeopardy. Other topics discussed were roads and industries that would put our people to work. It was a most informative and interesting speech and the food was delicious – I enjoyed seeing and talking with old friends, as well as sharing a meal at a beautifully decorated table with an old colleague, Mildred Ferguson, and a dear friend, Betty Barron.

Tim and Denise Clement enjoyed a visit from his sister, Tish, from Amarillo, Texas, her son and granddaughter, Tony and Amelia, respectively. Tish’s husband passed away a few months ago and she is considering a move to Spearsville and live in their studio apartment. We look forward to getting to know her as we add her to our village family.

Floy and Billy Rea went to the graduation of their granddaughter, Jessica, from ULM on Friday night. They, also, enjoyed visiting with Toni, Billy’s daughter, who has just returned from a business trip to China. Jan’s husband, Ski, carried them out to the Civic Center to keep them from having a traffic/parking problem and then and went back to pick them up. Jan fixed a soup and sandwich supper that was waiting for them before they headed home. We can always count on our kids to take care of us. Thank you, Jan and Ski, for your love and thank you for the homemade apple butter, from PA, that you sent to me.

Ann Stone-Heard was very excited about the news she had just received from her grandson, Adam and his wife, Katie. They have just learned that the baby they were expecting will be twins – paternal twins. Don’t you know this family has some exciting and wonderful times ahead of them!! We pray that all will go well for the babies and Katie!!!

Wayne Barrett had lunch with Floy, Billy Rea, and I on Sunday – all of his favorite things – staring with crowder peas and cornbread – ending with a sugar-fee, chocolate and coconut pie, topped with Cool Whip. Diane Colvin will be going with him on Monday for an appointment with the doctor in Shreveport. If all goes well, it will be a good report, and he is batting a 1000 once again.

Please pray for the people of Egypt as they experience this upheaval in their country. May God intervene in such a way as to release the people from their oppressive government; Guide them to a peace and stability in their country that will reverberate around the world. Grant them freedom and remind us of the great gift that we have enjoyed for over 200 years.

Thought for the Day

The weatherman is right enough times that he cannot be ignored, but wrong enough times that he cannot be relied on.


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