Spearsville School

The Bernice Journal
January 16, 1930

Everybody is making preparations for mid-term examinations next week. All pupils making a six-weeks average of 90 percent on subjects taken will be exempt from tests on those subjects.

The attendance for the past week has been very good despite the weather conditions. The students of Spearsville come to school during bad weather remarkably well. The weather conditions have been so unfavorable for the two three weeks that the roads have become very bad making it difficult for some of the school trucks to get to school. In fact some of the trucks have been unable to operate several days here of late.

Senior News

We are to have six weeks exams in English to-morrow. These exams will determine for some of us whether or not we shall be exempt from the mid-term examinations which are to come next week. If we make an average of ninety percent we shall be exempt.

We are reviewing all subject matter that we have had for the year. We are thinking this will be of help in making better grades when our mid-term teat comes next week.


The agriculture boys are making preparation for the finishing up of first terms work.


We are having a contest between the boys and girls to see who can get teh most questions and answer them best.

We are to have our six-week test on English to-morrow.

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