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January 2
3, 1930

FOR SALE Before you buy, get my prices on Ear Corn and all kinds of Fertilizers. W. H. Harris, Bernice, La.

Misses Sybil Lowery and Mae Turner, of Bastrop, spent the week end here.

Mr. J. B. Rockett, of Buelah community was a business visitor here Tuesday.

Court of Honor

The Union Parish court of the boy scouts to meet in Farmerville in the police jury building Friday night Jan. 31st.

According to reports from the various troupes throughout the parish, this will be one of the best attended courts held in the parish. Scouts from Spearsville, Farmerville, Marion, Linville, Bernice and Rocky Ranch are expected to appear before the court at that time for promotion. Mr. Edward Everett, chairman of the court of honor, will be assisted by Mr. J. M. Booth, Mr. P. L. Reed, and Mr. A. B. Turnage commissioner, as well as the leaders of the various troops. N. B. Crawford, field executive of this district will attend the meeting.

Shiloh School

The following students have made between 90 and 100% on all subjects for the past six-weeks:

Firth grade: Raymond Buckley and Clyde Moore.

Fourth grade: Marie Stirling, Mary B. Heard and R . B. Mabry.

Third grade: Dewitt Barham, Jr.

Second grade: Mary Buckley, Mae Hollis, and Clayton Moore.

First grade: Ida B. Barham, Louise Hollis and James Boatman.

Mrs. Beulah Moore Goss, Teacher.

Mr. Martin Porter was a visitor to Camden, Ark. Sunday.

Mr. E. W. Liggins and family of Farmerville have rooms with Mr. and Mrs. Charley Langston.

Mr. Perry Tubbs was here recently visiting his sister, Mrs. Jack Salley.

School Busses Wreck

On last Friday afternoon two of the school busses turned over just east of town near the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wes Bowens.

From what we can hear about the affair, it seems that three school busses were on their way to deliver the children living east of town. Mr. Minifee Kelley was ahead, Mr. Bill Elliott next, and Mr. Henry Smith in the rear. Mr. Smith decided to pass Mr. Elliott and in passing had to turn back in the road too near Mr. Elliot’t’s bus causing him to turn near the ditch. Mr. Kelley’s bus was right ahead of him. In the excitement of the transaction, Mr. Elliott’s bus went into the ditch, turning over. But in watching the Smith bus was really the cause of him turning over, as Mr. Smith had to run the ditch when he tried going around the Kelley bus.

Several of the children were bruised up and the w______ gang were considerably shaken up, but luckily, no one was seriously hurt. Drs. Colvin and Glover were called and they administered first aid and the children were back in school – some with bandages and others alright.

School Bus Burns

In some manner, after delivering all the children attending Tech at Ruston, the bus uses in transporting the students to Tech was burned just north of Bernice last Friday evening.

We hear that the bus after leaving Bernice, where it _____________ way back to Junction City, went into the ditch near the farm of Mr. J. B. Noll is, just north of Bernice. The next we heard of the bus it had burned. So, the patrons sending to Tech had to get out and get busy in order to get their children down to Ruston the next morning. Dr. M. W. Laurence relieved the situation by lending his car for that day, and his son Wickliffee was kind enough to do the driving. So, everything is going pretty again for a while in the way of Bernice.

Methodist W. M. S.

The Methodist Womans Society met with Mrs. Moreland on Monday afternoon, Jan. 20th. The society was opened by Mrs. Mabry giving scripture lesson on Psalms 27th. Prayer by Mrs. Mabry.

The Mission study “Roads to the City of God” was taken up and the book was finished at this time. The ladies of the society have gotten some wonderful inspiration from this study.

The society was closed with prayer by Mrs. E. F. Welsh.

Church Activites

Wednesday night was one of the most spiritual prayer meeting we have had for sometime. It was a real old fashion confession meeting. There were 18 present. How many will volunteer to increase the number next Wednesday night.

All young men who are not in Sunday School are invited to meet Bro. Morgan a the Baptist church Sunday morning and join in organizing a class for the young men of which Bro. Morgan will be teacher.

A Condolence

On Christmas Day, when gaiety seemed to have reached its height of all anticipations for a merry Christmas in the home of Mrs. W. F. Grafton. All of the children were at home.

No one thought of sorrow, all was joy, no one thought the end of a perfect day would be the beginning of sorrow. But at the dawn of the coming morrow, when the Master, said “come on high.” The spirit of Glenn G. Grafton took its flight into the great beyound.

There was a hush, over the town and community, a gloom of sadness, sorrow filled the homes of loved ones and friends.

It seems but yesterday since Glenn was but a lad. He had just reached the age of young manhood. A senior in Baylor University. He was a ray of sunshine in the home, always looking on the bright side of life.

But as the gentle hands of the pallbearers bore him softly to the church and placed amidst a garden of flowers, where the funeral was conducted by Rev. L. R. Morgan and Rev. M. C. Cagile.

As we passed by to pay a last respect; it is hard to understand, that God’s gifts here on earth are for just a little while.

Of all that is said and done, does not fill the vacant chair. But God can bring comfort to the aching heart if you will only be submissive to His will.

A Friend

An Enjoyable Affair

____________________________________________ the turkey dinner last Sunday, given by Mr. and Mrs. C. R. McGee in their home. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Howard, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Patterson and Mr. Emmett Grafton.

Mrs. Sam Robideaux of Crowley is visiting her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harrel Reagan this week.

New Drug Store

The Bernice Drug Co; Inc., is the latest addition to our town in a business way. This firm is located in the Robinson building, and will carry a complete line of drugs, drug sundries, together with all kinds of toilet articles, cigars and cigarettes.

Mr. E. W. Liggins is manager of the business. Mr. Liggins is pretty well known here, as he was in the drug business in Farmerville for a number of years.

Mr. Liggins invites everybody to attend their formal opening on Friday afternoon and night. He is offering prizes to the most popular young lady and the ugliest man in this territory and he asks all who attends this opening to be sure and cast your vote while in this place. He will serve free drinks Friday afternoon from 5 to 8 o’clock.

The Robinson building is one of the best business locations in Bernice, and has been completely remodeled and is “new” made into a very pretty place.

Miss Sadie Ellis has just returned from Terral Texas; where she visited relatives last week.

Mr. J. F. Smith who is a traveling salesman in various parts of Texas, returned last week to his post of duty.

Mrs. Marvin Tanner and Mrs. L. P. Moreland were visitors in Homer Friday.

Miss Jewel Hester of Bastrop was the guest of friends here Sunday.

After spending several days with her father Mr. R. W. Lynn, Sr. and other relatives, Mrs. C. E. Youngblood, returned to her home in Vicksburg, Miss. Sat. She was accompanied to Ruston by Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Lynn, Jr.

R. W. Lynn, Jr. and family visited his father Monday evening and enjoyed a most delicious supper with the family.

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