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January 30, 19

NOTICE The Department Store has moved its stock of dry goods into the Toggery Shoppe and will continue to serve the public as before. Maude Phillips.

Miss Nettle Colvin of Summerfield spent Sunday here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Colvin.

Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Wallace of Shreveport, were week end guests of Mr. and Ms. G. W. Shackelford.

Those were 25 in prayer services Wednesday night. A study course in B. Y. P. U. Organization is being taught at the Baptist Church each night this week.

Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Baldwin have moved into their new home just recently built south of town.

Miss Helen Baldwin spent last week end with her sister, Mrs. E. J. St. John; in El Dorado.

Mr. and J. F. Smith, of Fort Worth, Texas, was accompanied back to Texas by Mrs. Smith.

Mr. F. F. Johnson is home from a visit with his daughter, Mrs. D. W. Caldwell, and family in Monroe.

Miss Lucille Gresham, who is teaching at Camden, Ark., was home for the week end.

Mr. Erskin Gaston, of Shreveport, was here for the week end to visit his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Porter and daughter Gene, of Farmerville, spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. M. V. Burns.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Williams and little son of Farmerville, and Mr. Van Odom of Alto, spent Sunday with Mr. Lee Odom and family.

Pinkie Durham Wins

The Bernice Drug Co. conducted a beauty contest at their place of business last Friday afternoon from 5 o’clock till 8. Several candidates were in the race, but, Mr. Pinkle Durham, defeated the other candidates in a wicked way — facts are, he out stripped them so badly that we refrain from even mentioning their names.

On candidate, who always plays the beauty contest game and who always wins the prize, was forced to defeat in this race. We will merely mention his name in respect for his former — well was wont either. You can guess.

Miss Maggie Ferguson won the prize of $5 in gold as being the most popular young lady in this community.

Formal Opening

The Bernice Drug Co. held its formal opening on last Friday. A large number was in attendance from the first until the store closed. The company will carry a full line of drugs, drug sundries, to gather with all kinds of toilet articles and cigars and cigrarettes.

Mr. E. W. Liggins, formerly of Farmerville, is the manager of this new business and he is an experienced drug and confectionery man.

Free cold drinks were served to all who attended the opening.

FOR SALE Before you buy, get my prices on Ear Corn and all kinds of Fertillzers. W. H. Harris, Bernice, La.

ESTRAY NOTICE. I have taken up one black mare mule, with red mouth, weigh about 1100 pounds, long mane and tall, unless called for will sell same on Saturday March 1, 19390. JIM FYTANT, Route 3, Bernice, La.

LOST SUIT CASE. Lost one tan suit case, containing baby clothing and lady dresses. Lost on highway between Dubach and Summerfield via Junction City. Henry Wynn, Route 8, Bernice, La. c-0 Miss Bertie Thompson.

Mrs. Fae Moore is reported very sick.

Mrs. R. W. Patterson and and daughter, Mrs. W. H. Howard were visitors in Dubach, Saturday.

Methodist W. M. S.

The Methodist Womans Missionary society met Monday afternoon January 27th. in the home of Mrs. L. T. Portor.

Mrs. Mabry gave scripture reading in Mathew 26:57. Prayer by Mrs. Billie Cade.

The Missionary Voice Program was given. A five part playette was given by Mrs. Tanner, Mrs. John Caldwll, Mrs. L. T . Porter, Mrs. Wiley Lynn, and Mrs. Cecil Tanner, concerning the value of the missionary voice in the home. Mrs. Mabry a topic on making home the christian center, Mrs. L. T. Porter, topic on, the low of service, Mrs. John Caldwell read a very interesting and appreciated letter from one of the members that has moved from our town, Mrs. Sam Bailey. Mrs. Porter then read a letter from Mrs. Carolyn Dawson, district sect’y, Haynsville, La., about the 1st Zone meeting that will convene at Haynsville Janurary 30th urging all members to attend.

The Society will meet with Mrs. Robt. Driggers, Monday afternoon Feb. 2nd at 2 o’clock.


Mr. J. D. Green and sister Miss Mary of Monroe were here Sunday visiting their mother, Mrs. J. D. Green.

Church Activities

Circle No. 1 meets with Mrs. J. E. Buckley Monday afternoon.

Circle No. 2 meets with Mrs. J. B. Hollis.

Circle No. 3 meets with Mrs. J. A. Reynolds.

Circle No, 4 meets with Mrs. G. W. Shackelford.

Two Sunday school rooms have added for the young men and women.

Monday night teachers meeting at 7:00

Wednesday night at 7:00 prayer services. Wednesday night at 7:00 R. A. ‘s Miss Myrtle Talbot. Leader.

Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. preaching and night at 7:00 p.m.

B. Y. P. U.’s at 6:00

Mr. Sidney Pratt of Monroe, visited his parents here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Towler are visiting in Magnolia, this week.

The Sunbeam Band will meet at the home of Mrs. G. O. Cagle Friday afternoon of 8:30 providing the weather is permissible.

Dr. Wainwright and family and Miss Mary Wainwright of Farmerville, spent Sunday here with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Bryant James of Farmerville spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Pollock.

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Mrs. J. C. Digby who has had a very serious attack of pneumonia is able to sit up.

ESTRAY NOTICE. 1 black horse mule, 6 years old, weigh about 950 or 1000 pounds, long mane and tail. Left my place about Nov. 18, 1929, reward for return or information, leading to recovery of this mule. J. C. HAMILTON, Dubach, La.

ESTRAY NOTICE. I have taken up one white, bobbed tail cow. Came to my place two and one half miles south of Bernice, La., on Dec. 26, 1929. Unless owner calls for same, I will forceed to sell on Saturday, Feb. 15, 1930 to the highest bidder. E. J. BALDWIN, Bernice, La.


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