Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
March 3, 2011

It is beginning to look a lot like spring in the Village of Spearsville! Spring bulbs of all colors – yellow, white and lavender – Bradford Pears, Redbuds, and fruit trees have all burst into beautiful blooms. Bob Shoemaker, our mayor, lives next door to me and he has a yard full of Bradford pears and they look like giant snowballs on a stick. It is simply breath-taking!! Bonnie and John Rhodes have 10 or twelve Mayhaws behind their house (our jelly trees) and she said that according to the blooms there should be no shortage of Mayhaws this year. That sounds good to me for there is nothing better than Mayhaw jelly on a hot buttered biscuit.

A bridal shower was given on Sunday at Mount Union Baptist Church for Sarah Silmon, the daughter of Mark and Sandy Silmon, who will be getting married sometime in March (I forgot the date). Several people from our church attended: Marie Rockett, Oda Rockett, Floy Rea, Carla Deason, Ramona Barron and Jennifer Lenard. Sarah received many wonderful gifts that will be a big help in getting their new home set up. We extend our “Congratulations and Best Wishes” to this couple as they begin this new and exciting chapter in their lives.

Oda Rockett, Kim Brantley and Karen Gilbert enjoyed their outing on Friday night. They had dinner at Ralph Kacoo’s Seafood Restaurant and then went to the Strand Theater to see “The Music Man”. Oda really enjoyed the singing. On Saturday she had lunch with her grandson, Justin.

Mary Gene Rhodes fixed lunch for her granddaughter, Sarah, and her husband, Jeremy, this past week. They not only shared a wonderful meal but enjoyed a good visit as well. On Sunday Beth Lawson came to be with Mary Gene at church; they went to lunch at Hollis’ later. Beth’s son, Steve, lives in the Canaan community so Beth, also, gets in a visit with Steve, Mary, Tyler and Layne.

Steve Lawson has closed his garage in Spearsville and has gone back to work in El Dorado for Teagues’. We are really going to miss him; he is a great mechanic, someone we trusted, and just across the street. Our best wishes for much success go out to him in his new job!!

Lexie Rhodes had some birthday money that needed to be spent, so she and Robin took advantage of Johnny as a babysitter for Wyatt and went to the mail, in Monroe, Saturday. Lexie really enjoyed going to “Build-a-Bear” and making her very own special Teddy Bear that she designed. That is so special such fun!!

Denise and Tim Clement are very excited about putting in their new above-ground pool – in just in time for summer. A big pecan tree will have to be removed that is right behind the house. With the help of Johnny Rhodes this will be done in short order and they will be ready for the installation. We are so happy for her as this will be such good therapy for her MS. Denise extended an invitation to the members of the Ruth Sunday School Class to come and join her as she soaks up the sun in her new pool. This is an invitation that we will be happy to accept. Thanks Denise!

Bro. James is taking us on a Journey through the Bible each Sunday. This Sunday was a message from the Book of Ruth. He related the story of how Ruth left her home and went with her mother-in-law, Naomi, back to her homeland. Naomi had bee hardened into bitterness and self-pity; no hint of this in Ruth who had every reason to feel sorry for herself. The lesson for us today is the same as it was for Ruth: 1.) avoid self pity, 2.) take care of yourself to always look your best, 3.) stay involved in life, even when it would be much easier to withdraw into ones’ self.

Thought for the Day

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. —– John Dryden ——


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