Bernice Local News

The Bernice Journal
February 13, 1930

J. B. Gresham

Mr. J. B. Gresham fell dead in the Garrett in El Dorado about 8:30 Thursday morning February 4, 1930.

He leaves five brothers and four sisters, namely: T. N., J. R., L. D., and D. H. Gresham all of Bernice, J. C. Gresham of Camden, Mrs. G. W. Hammet of Bernice, Mrs. J. T. Johnson of Shiloh, Mrs. R. A. Cooper of Coushatta and Miss Lou Gresham of Bernice. He also leaves a wife and five children. He was buried in Pine Bluff.

Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Salley were visitors to Monroe last Friday.

Mr. Sidney Pratt of Monroe, spent the week end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Pratt.

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Bernice Plays Hico

The Bernice High School Basketball team played Hico last Friday afternoon on the Bernice field. Bernice won by 38 to 9. John Porter of the Bernice team was high point man with 11 field goals. He is reported to be one of the best. Bernice has played 7 games and lost only one.

Just received new line of Spring Dresses and Coats. All new colors and styles. See them before you buy. MAUDE PHILLIPS

Mr. Frank Robinson has accepted a position with the Bernice Drug Co. He has charge of the prescription department, and will be glad for his many friends to call on him at this new place of business.

Bernice High School

The following pupils of the grammer grades and the High School Department of the Bernice High School have made the following averages for the first semester as are annexed to their respective names.

In our former report, there was not (I believe) a single instance in high school in which a boy excelled a girl. Girls leading in every score, but this semester report shows two boys, Donald Lindsey and Key Welch. Freshman and Sophomore respectively lead two girls in each of their respective divisions.

The grades here tabulated were earned by dire hard work. Nothing is given in this school but kindness and first class instructions to students.

Each and every one is placed on his own initiative. He and she must either pass or fail. No one will be passed that does not merit same.

Pupils are made to know that work is the only thing that counts and that going to school and lesson getting are matters of pure business as much as keeping a store and railroading.

Respectfully, C. C. Kennedy

Quarterly Conference

The first quarterly conference of the Methodist Episcopal church will be held at the Bernice Methodist church on Wednesday Feb. 19th. Preaching by Rev. Robt. M. Brown, Presiding Elder, at 11 o’clock, lunch at 12 o’clock, quarterly conference 2:30 p.m. The public is cordially invited to attend.

L. P. Moreland, Pastor

Mr. J. A. Daniels and Miss Binson, of Monroe, and Mrs. Jim Brooks and children, of Marion, spent Sunday with Mrs. E. B. Harris and family.

Don’t forget the Auction Sale Saturday February 15th. Beginning at 2:30.

Milady’s Shoppe, Mrs. J. D. Green

Mr. Marshall Lee Goyne is here visiting relatives.

B. M. B. C. Living up to their name. We had three new members last Sunday morning. Mr. S. C. Keley, G. C. Hicks and E. W. Liggin.

Dr. L. L. Wainwright and wife of Junction City, were here Sunday visiting relatives,

Rev. M. V. Burns filled his regular appointment at Roanville Sunday.

G. C. Hicks Loses Car

On last Monday night Mr. G. C. Hicks had the misfortune of losing his Studebaker automobile. At about 7:30 that night Mr. Hicks parked his car between his place of business and that of Miss Maude Phillips, leaving it there while he went up to Mr. G. E. Lindsey’s office. When he returned just a few minutes later his car was gone. At this writing there has been no trace of the car.

LOST Someone must have picked up a pair of shell trim glasses through mistake. Please return to Guy M. McDonald at ?? of Bernice and receive reward.

Mr. M. F. Colvin of ?? Okla, is visiting his sister Mrs. R. W. Patterson.

Rev. L. R. Morgan and family were visitors in Shreveport Saturday.

Rev L. P. Moreland was called to Bienville last Sunday to conduct the funeral of Mrs. Lindsey Crawford one of Bienville parishes oldest citizens. Bro. Moreland was accompanied by Mrs. Moreland and children also Mr. Seth Tanner.

Bro. and Mrs. L. P. Moreland and little son Billy, were guests of Mrs. Moreland’s father and brother in Saline Tuesday.

FOR SALE. Before you buy, get my prices on Ear Corn and all kinds of Fertilizers. W. H. Harris, Bernice, La.

Mr. T. N. Gresham is able to be out again after being confined to his home on account of illness.

Mr. Paul Phillips, of La. Tech, was a visitor in Bernice Sunday.

Mrs. J. D. Green put on a big auction sale at her place of business last Saturday. This sale was put on in order to reduce her stock of goods Mr. C. J. Heard was the boy who did the auctioneering.

Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Groves of Oklahoma spent last week with their daughter, Mrs. Jim Heard and family.

Mrs. M. C. Still has accepted a position with The Berger Brother Co. of Conn. as manager of their work in Arkansas with headquarters at Little Rock. She will take up her duties March 1.

C. L. Adkins of Louisville, Ark. visited friends here Wednesday.

Cecil Tanner was a business visitor in Natchitoches Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gathwright of Fort Worth, Texas were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Phillips Tuesday.

Messrs. Ike Futch and C. L. Mondart, of Spearsville were here Monday on business.

ESTRAY NOTICE I have taken up one white bobbed tail cow. Came to my place two and one half miles south of Bernice, La., on Dec. 26, 1929. Unless owner calls for same, I will forceed to sell on Saturday, Feb. 15, 1930 to the highest bidder. E. J. BALDWIN, Bernice, La.


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