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April 4, 1906

NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that I have lost one certain promissory note for Fifty Seven and 50-100 ($57.50) Dollars, made payable to W. C. Murphy and signed by W. W. Farrar and transferred to F. A. Newsom. Said note was due January 1st, 1905 and was given in payment for the following tract of land: SW 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec 13 T 23 R 1 East. The public are hereby notified not to trade for this note as it is my property. F. A. Newson, Oakland, La.

Mr. Abe Arent of Monroe was a visitor in Farmerville last week.

Mr. R. J. Tabor of Shiloh was in Farmerville Thursday.

Mrs. Thedosia Ramsey, after several days illness is now improving.

Miss Maude Selig left left to-day – Wednesday – for a visit to Monroe.

Miss Ethel Aulds, after a visit of several days to friends in Farmerville, returned to her home in Bernice Saturday.

Mrs. Clifton Mathews left Saturday for Shiloh to spend a while visiting relatives in that town.

We have just received a car load of coffins. All sizes and prices. UNION MERCANTILE CO.

We are glad to note that Capt. O. Baughman, who has been quite sick for the past week, is now better.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Rolleigh of Monroe arrived in Farmerville Monday night to spend several days here.

We are informed by Rev. B. F. Neal that he preached at Sardis Church last Sunday to a large and appreciative audience.

An exchange remarks that the only difference between a tug boat and the average woman is that the tug can whistle.

NOTICE. Street tax for the ensuing quarter is now due and must be paid within 10 days. J. K. ATKINSON, Marshal.

The young people of town were entertained at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor last Thursday night.

Mr. W. E. Millsaps, Agency Director of North Louisiana for the New York Life Insurance Company was a business visitor to our town last Thursday.

I have just received my spring and summer line of ladies hats. Be sure to call at my residence and see them before you buy. Mrs. C. D. COVINGTON.

In the primary election held in Arkansas last week ex-Congressman John S. Little was the successful contestant for governor and ex-Governor Jeff Davis won over the present incumbent, J. H. Berry for the Union States Senate.

NOTICE. I have just received my beautiful Spring line of ladies hats and the ladies are cordially invited to call and see them. Mrs. J. W. STANCIL.

The many friends of Mr. Rudolph Haas will regret to learn that he has resigned his position with J. D. Baughman and will very soon go on the road as traveling salesman for A. Lehiman & Co., of New Orleans.

Notice of Partnership. The partnership existing between D. W. Spencer and J. E. Gray has been dissolved and I will not be respondedble for any trade made by J. E. Gray from this date. This March 4th, 1906. D. W. SPENDER, Arsher, La.

Mr. R. J. Tabor informs us that the committee appointed to solicit money to fence the cemetery at Shiloh has let the contract for 1100 feet of iron fencing to W. D. Freyer who represents the Rosebrough Monument Company of St. Louis, Mo. for the price of $400. He says that the fence will be built just as soon as suffragist funds have been raised.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mair, after spending about two weeks here left Saturday for Dubach, La. Mr. Mair’s efforts here is the interest of the Knights of Honor were very successful , he having been instrumental in getting 46 new members into the order, which new makes the Farmerville Lodge one of the best in the state.

NOTICE I will attend all sessions of the District Court in Farmerville and legal business placed in my hands will receive my earnest and prompt attention. O. C. DAWKINS, Atty at Law, Monroe, La.

The campaign for new members which the local Lodge Knights of Honor, under the able management of grand Lecturer W. A. Mair, has been carrying on here for the past three weeks come to a climax last Friday night when forty six new members were initiated into the mysteries of the Knights of Honor, 16 of them being ladies. After the initiation the members of the lodge, together with quite a number of guests who do not belong to the order, retired to the banquet hall where an excellent repast had been prepared by the ladies and all enjoyed themselves to the upmost. Mr. and Mrs. Mair made many warm friends during their brief stay here and they will always receive a hearty welcome to our town should they see fit to return.

Last Thursday evening the young men of Farmerville entertained at a dance at the palatial house of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Taylor. Although the rain, slush and mud made the outside world look dreary, all was bright and cheerful in doors. Through every ? the music stole, and all enjoyed the dancing to the fullest extent. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor fully understand the art of entertaining, and on this as on all other occasions left nothing undone for the pleasure of their guests. Delicious refreshments were served and this added to bright and witty conversation made the occasion one of great enjoyment.

Mr. B. A. Caskey of West Carroll Parish, formerly of this parish died on the 18th of March with pneumonia.

Mrs. T. J. Breed and children left Saturday on a visit to El Dorado, Ark.

Married. Wednesday night Mar 21, at the residence of J. B. Simmons, Mr. J. L. Bearden to Mrs. M. M. Simmons. J. B. Cole, Justice Peace officiating. Both of them borned and raised in ward 9 of Union Parish, La.

After being in session for two week the Grand Jury adjourned last Saturday. They found 65 true bills.

Mr. A. Langfielder of Monroe is a business visitor in Farmerville to-day.

Mr. H. W. Reagan is in town this week looking after his timber interest here.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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