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The Gazette
April 11, 1906

Mr. D. E. Laupheimer is reported quite sick at his mother’s residence.

Mr. Chas. Gulley of Ouachita was a visitor in Farmerville Monday.

Dr. J. G. Eyaas returned home Tuesday night for New Orleans.

Police Juror Chas. Hudson of Ward 7 was in town Monday.

With the advent of these warm days the crusade against the finny tribe has commenced.

Messrs. Reagan and Howell of Ruston are in Farmerville this week on business.

We overlooked publishing the report of the Grand Jury last week but it appears in this week’s issue.

Attorney Charles B. Roberts of Ruston arrived in Farmerville Tuesday afternoon.

NOTICE. I will be in Farmerville next week with a full line of spectacles and watchs. A. J. Mashaw.

Mr. L. M. Feazel, the popular representative of the Waters Pierce Oil Co. is this section was here Tuesday.

Parish Superintendent J. O. Hodnett was in Farmeville last week.

We have just received a car load of coffins. All sized and prices. UNION MERCANTILE CO.

Mr. M. A. Talbott, a prominent citizen and merchant of Bernice was a visitor to our town Tuesday.

Parish Sup. J. O. Hodnett of Marion was here Tuesday attending the meeting of the Parish School Board.

Prof. H. M. Denton of the Bethel community attended the Teacher’s Institute Saturday.

Mrs. T. J. Breed and Miss Helena Selig paid a visit to Monroe last Saturday, returning that night.

Miss Maude Selig, who has been visiting in Monroe for several days, returned home Saturday night.

Mrs. L. H. Barnes and little son, Hawthorne, are visiting in Ruston, the guest of Mrs. Barnes’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Griffith.

Mr. K. A. Pleasent came in Saturday night from Shreveport where he has been for the past two weeks.

Miss Evlyn Evans left Tuesday morning for her home in Bastrop where she was called by the serious illness of her father.

Misses Mollie Powell and Clara Bell and Mr. H. E. Dawkins of Marion attended the Teacher’s Institute here last Saturday.

J. R. Simmons will continue to sell coffins at the old stand, D. E. Lauphaimer’s store. From one dollar to twenty dollars each.

The historic old Volcano, Vasevines is on a rampage and it is feared that several towns near by will be destroyed unless the eruption ceases pretty soon.

Mrs. G. D. Sanders and her daughter, Mrs. O. M. Taylor, after a visit of several weeks with relatives in Temple, Texas, returned home Friday night.

The W. M. U. of Farmerville Baptist church will serve a 5 ct. lunch next Monday. The patronage of all well-wishers is solicited.

Mrs. Wakefield Grand Worthy Matron of the Order Eastern Star is here visiting the Farmerville Chapter of that order. She is the guest of Miss Reita Hartman.

Dr. Reed Evans of Natalbany, La., is here visiting his mother, Mrs. H. H. Evans and his brother and sister, Dr. J. G. Evans and Mrs. C. H. Jamesons.

In a letter received yesterday from W. A. Mair, Grand Lecturer for the Knights of Honor, who went from here to Dubach, he says that he has taken 40 new applications in that town. The initiation will be on Thursdays night, April 12th, and the members of Good Intent lodge are invited to be present and assist in the work.

Rev Henry Archer Has Close Call.

About ten o’clock this morning while fishing from a boat in the river, Rev. Henry Archer was suddenly seized with a fainting spell, fell overboard and narrowly escaped drowning. On account of his age, he being about 75 or 80 years old, the effect of the sun caused him to become dizzy and he was seized with the fainting spell and toppled over. However, the cold water revived him somewhat, and he grasped the gunwale of the boat and held on until he was rescued. When taken out of the water he was completely prostrated, but Dr. O’Donnell, who was quickly summoned. succeeded in reviving him. Rev. Mr. Archer is a native of Union Parish is one of the oldest Primitive Baptist preachers in North Louisiana and at one time was mayor of Farmerville. He resides in Millidgeville, just below the city. — Monroe News.


United Confederate Veterans of Camp 379

I have been requested to find out how many intend to visit the Reunion at New Orleans on the 25 6 and 7 of April and how many want badges. The badges will cost 15 cents each and all who want them will please send me their names by the last of next week. The adjutant General has ordered thus so that he can prepare free lodging and rashness. Let me know at once.

D. W. DAWSON, Secretary Camp 379, Farmerville, La.

There is nothing just as for Malaria, Chills and Fever as Dr. Mesdeshall’s Chill and Fever Care. Take it as a general tonic and at all times in place of quinine. If it fails to give satisfaction Farmerville Drug Co. will refund.

The Union Parish School Board met in regular session Tuesday with the following officers and members president: J. G. Trimble, President, Dr. J. G. Evans, J. T. Davis, J. T . Harrison, E. C. Colvin, H. F. Wilson, J. L. Hopkins and H. D. Pardue.

Robert Mathews, one of our efficient assistants in the Gazette office has been confined at home with sickness for several days.

We are glad to learn that our young friend, Mr. Mose Hartman, who is at present holding a position with Perry Cooper in Ruston, will very soon return home and go is business with his brother, L. Hartman of this place.

Mr. Moore, a young man from Huttig, Ark., has been here for several days trying to organize a brass band, but what success he has had we have not learned.

NOTICE: This is to certify we have this date purchased R. E. Gulley’s interest in the Union Mercantile Company at this place and we the Summit Lumber Co. do assure all the liabilities of the Union Mercantile Company. Summit Lumber Co., A. E. SILBERTHORNE, Manager.

NOTICE OF ESTRAY: Two hogs, one tolerable old sow, white spotted, crop and underbit in left ear, swallow fork and underbit in right. One barrow in same mark but dark spotted and weighs about 60 pounds came to my home about 1st December. I live about 4 miles a little south west of Linnville. W. A. HARRELL.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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