Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
March 10, 2011

The big news of Spearsville this week is the birth of Gabrielle Stone Harrison on Wednesday, March 3, 2011. She weighed in at 8 lbs, 3 ozs. and is 19 inches long. The parents are Jolie and Andy Harrison. Gabrielle’s grandparents are Jennifer and Stanley Lenard, Kathy and Max Harrison, Mazone and Gaynelle Pepper and her great-grandparents are Ann and Johnny Heard and Ruby Jean and Delwin “Pete” Odom. Justin Pepper is the proud uncle. He rushed straight to the hospital when he came from his job in the Gulf of Mexicon and is looking forward to Monday when everybody else has to be at work and he will get to hold “Gabby” all the time that he wants to. Congratulations to this family!!! The church family is looking forward to the time when she will be able to come to church and we can all see her. Can’t wait!! Pictures are just not the same as seeing and touching.

The long-awaited Rockett cookbooks are in and ready to be bought by anyone who would like to have great recipes from these wonderful cooks. Many recipes have been handed downs from people who have gone to be with the Lord but they are still remembered as good people and great cooks. Amy Griffith gets the credit for putting it together. This ringed notebook is filled with recipes that are easy to read and the cover is easily cleaned. The price is $20 if picked up and $25 if they are to be mailed. Contact Betty/Drue Rockett in Spearsville or Amy Griffith at 368-#### in Monroe; this is a great resource for everyone and an even greater treasure for those of us from the Rockett Clan.

Sylble Thomas asked me to announce to those of you who have roots in The Canaan Community that there will be a work day for the cemetery on Saturday, March 12th beginning at 3:00 p.m. Lunch will be served. Be sure and bring your own rake or any other tools that you might need for this job.

Susan and James Frank Smith are having special company for the week – their daughter, Angela, and the grandchildren, Sara, Liam, and Maddox. On Saturday Angela and Sara were dropped by the mall for an afternoon of shopping while James and Susan took Liam and Maddox to the circus. Everyone had a great time!!!

As you know Brian Williams and his family are in Thailand as missionaries. During these times of having to learn a new language as well as adapting to a new culture things can be a bit discouraging at times. Pray is how we can help best; however, his family found a great way to let them know they are thought of and loved – a package that contained Community Coffee and Jambalaya Mix. Brian told all his friends on Facebook how great that cup of coffee was after 5 months. As we see, it is little things in life that can give great happiness and make life better while they serve the Lord in this faraway land that is so strange to us. We are praying for you, Brian & Paula, as God gives you the strength and courage to do what you are doing – spreading the gospel. “Good News” as He commanded.

These warm days of pre-spring is bringing out the farmer in so many of us. John Rhodes is our master farmer and he is having a hard time dealing with health problems that are causing him to have to scale back on his “patches”. He went to 2 rows of potatoes this year and I feel sure that the squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, and greens will be in rows or hills, as well. Thank you, John for all the years you have supplied our fresh vegetables. His son, Roger, is down visiting from TN this week so maybe he and Bonnie, together, will be able to convince him that a small backyard plot is not bad – might even be more fun and certainly less work.

Denise and Tim Clement are enjoying a visit from his sister, Tish. I think she missed the big event of removing the pecan trees to make room for their new pool. They got help with this from Steve Bodine and Johnny Rhodes; now they can get the pool installed and be ready for the warm days of summer.

Some got out a bit this week; Susan and Michael Spears visited Mary Gene on Sunday, Floy Rea and Joyce Manning visited with Peggy Rockett. Peggy, seems to be doing quite well as she continues to live alone with help each day; Lexi and Johnny Rhodes went to the circus on Sat. morning.

Bro. James continued his series of sermons – “A Journey Through the Bible” – with a message from Samuel. He read the story of David and Goliath, the giants in the lives of the people of today – drugs, alcohol, sex and money problems/job loss. David was victorious because he dared to be different, prepared himself and stayed focused on God. It is the same for us for we must pray, study God’s Word and always know that what is that, which is within us is greater than those things that surround us each day.

Kim carried Oda Rockett to West Side Baptist Church for a beautiful evening of Sunday night worship, with the famous “Dino” performing his great talent on the piano, praising the Lord in words and Spiritual Hymns. My favorite being “It is Well With My Soul” but all hymns are meaningful in a message of Christian love.

Thought for the Day

An important key to success is self-confidence. The key to self- confidence is preparation. –Arthur Ashe–


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