Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
March 17, 2011

Our hearts go out to the people of Japan during this time of crisis; it rivals the devastation of this country during WWII – the atomic bombs, radiation and total destruction of two major cities. Not only are they coping with a 9.0 earthquake that caused tall building to sway like trees in a breeze before coming crashing down, a wall of water, a tsunami, traveling at the speed of a jet toward their shores that destroyed everything in it’s path, the damaged nuclear power plants that has cut the power plants that has cut the power to millions of homes, and now the radiation problem. When it looks like they can’t stand another major crisis they are faced with a major economic problem. Let’s pray that God will be with them and with our men in the US Navy as it offers assistance that will help the Japanese get through this and back on their feet.

Mary Gene Rhodes took Carolyn Futch out to lunch, at Wood’s Restaurant in Camden, AR, for her birthday. After lunch they went to The Daffodil Festival and did a little shopping. Helen Asfar came to be with Mary Gene for the weekend and then for a few days this week. On Sunday, Helen visited our Sunday School Class Monday they planned to come visit with us at the Senior Citizen’s Dining site. We always enjoy visiting with our grownup kids and catching up with events in their lives. It’s good to know that they want to visit with us old folks.

The attendance at church was way down but we did have three special guests. Gabrielle Stone Harrison attended for the first time in her life and she is only 11 days old. Of course, she is beautiful with a head full of red hair (or it looked like a dark read to me); we all had to ooh and aah over her and look forward to enjoying her as she grows up. Bro James remarked that Melvin, no doubt, was smiling down from Heaven as he saw his namesake at church for the first time. Teresa Stone Bruno came to see her new great niece and filled in at the piano, at our worship service, during the absence of Carolyn Ivey. Tyler Lawson had a friend with him but I didn’t get her name. Maybe she will come again and I will.

Ann and Johnny Heard had all the kids home for supper on Saturday night as they welcomed Gabby into her new family. Ann made her special chicken and dressing with lots of home-grown veggies that they all look forward to.

Amy Barron took advantage of the kids Spring Break, and they all went to visit Joe, in Nebraska. They just got back yesterday and I haven’t talked to any of the family, so I’ll have to get more details for a later time.

Drue Rockett is back in the hospital (St. Francis) with another infection. It seems that he has just been in and out for the past few months and they just can’t quite get to the root of his problems. He needs our prayers, as well as the doctors, as they try to find the proper treatment for him. Peggy Rockett is able to continue to live alone, with help, and has not given up the “card mission” that she does for the Ruth Sunday School Class. This keeps her actively involved and is a great service to others. “Thank You, Peggy”

Mary Gene Rhodes has a new great granddaughter, Kate Elizabeth Pruitt, weighing in at 9 lbs. and 3 ozs. She is the granddaughter of Buddy Rhodes; they live in Bartlesville, OK. Congratulations to the Rhodes Family !!.

Thought for the Day

You only need two tools in everyday life. If it doesn’t move and should use WD 40. If it moves and shouldn’t use duct tape.


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