Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
March 24, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!!! We have had the most gorgeous weather for the past few days. The park was filled with children playing, walkers walking, and other just sitting on the benches soaking up that wonderful sun. Some of us were not at the park but were putting in our gardens. I have a smell garden along the fence that is just right for tomatoes, squash, peppers and cucumbers. It’s great to transplant something into the soil, watch it grow, and then harvest those veggies a couple of months later. There is something about digging the dirt that is good for the soul.

After a fun day on Saturday, God gave us another special gift – a super moon. It lite up the sky in the most delightful way. By zooming in on it with the camera, the lines and shadows of the mountains and crevices were clearly visible on that beautiful, yellow magical ball. That was an awesome sight and it is hard to believe that there is no God after such a magnificent sight; then to know that God allowed man to walk on it and plant the American flag while leaving everlasting footprints for others that follow to see someday.

Saturday was also a big day for Ann Stone-Heard, Jennifer Lenard, Jolie and Gabrielle Pepper. Ann and Jennifer met Jolie and Gabby in Farmerville and went on to Monroe for a bit of shopping – Gabby’s first shopping trip.

John, Robin, Wyatt and Lexie Rhodes enjoyed a fun day at the zoo, in Monroe, on Saturday. That is a very good zoo and if you haven’t taken you kids – it is a fun place to spend a beautiful spring day.

A birthday party was given at the Fellowship Hall of Spearsville Baptist Church on Saturday to celebrate McKenzie Canterberry’s first birthday. Kids and adults, alike, had a great time. It’s always fun to see that cake smeared all over the face of a one-year-old. Clyde Barron, who is Pa to all the church kids, was right there for all the fun.

Bro. James and Shirley Miller had special guests that weekend – their daughter, Jan, and there grandson, James David. Alan’s wife, Sandy, has recently had hip surgery and is recuperating at the home of her parents in Start while Alan is at work each day. She is doing quite well but continues to need our prayers that the doctors corrected her problems and she will not have to go through this again.

Betty and Bruce Barron have been back and forth to Shreveport during the past week. Both of the grandchildren, Evie and Job, had birthdays in middle of March. Kelli, their daughter, had to go in for some medical tests. On Sunday Betty taught the lesson for the Ruth Sunday School Class; lots of preparation was done to present new thoughts and information.

Avery Bennett Wilson and her husband, Jerome, became members of our church on Sunday. We watched Avery grow up and it is just like she is right back where she belongs. Visitors at church included Mary Gene Rhodes’ grownup kids, Beth Lawson, Lou Ellen and John Russell. Joye Ilies is visiting with her mother, Maurene Barron, this week; we always enjoy seeing and visiting with her.

Dixie Rhodes Carpenter and her son, Allen, visited with John and Bonnie Rhodes from Thursday til Sunday. Dixie enjoyed going to the Little Yellow House to see all the pictures; she went to see Peggy Rockett, and came to lunch at the Senior Citizens’ Dining Site on Friday. She packed a lot into a few days.

Bro. James delivered a message from I Kings when Solomon became a king at a very young age, following his father. David. When God asked him what he would like to have from him. Solomon asked for wisdom to rule these great people. God not only gave him wisdom, but because he did not ask for anything else, he also gave him riches and the promise of a long life if he followed the commands of God.

I pray that our young president would be so humble and ask for wisdom, to govern our great nation, as did Solomon, in these turbulent times. Seldom in the history of our country have we needed God’s guidance more. God is our answer and the only answer if we are to survive.

Thought for the Day

What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is of little consequences in the end, the only consequence is what we do. – John Ruskin –


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