Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
March 31, 2011

The past week has been very busy for the folks in “The Little Village of Spearsville”. On Tuesday the Ruth Sunday School Class had a very enjoyable outing; we went to Arcadia for lunch and some shopping. Since it was time for our monthly meeting we conducted our business while we were waiting for our food to be served. The people at the Gap Farm Restaurant were very accommodating to our needs and the food was exceptionally good. If you haven’t eaten there, try it the next time you are in that vicinity; you won’t be disappointed.

While we were enjoying our day, Bonnie Rhodes was, as well. She had an appointment in Ruston and was unable to go with us; however, she made it a fun day by calling an old friend, Cindy Foster Haney for lunch at Pekings and some shopping.

A week or so ago Ann Stone-Heard announced to our group, with a great deal of excitement, I might add, that her grandson, Adam Willett and his wife, Katy, are expecting twins the latter part of the summer. I haven’t talked to the proud, prospective grandparents, Beverly Stone Willett and her and her husband, Frank, but I am sure they are happy as a lark and popping their buttons with pride and great anticipation. Adam and Katy have already named the boys — Caleb Pierce and Cameron Elliott. We share their enthusiasm and can hardly wait to meet “Pierce and Elliott”. The Sunday School members who were on the shopping trip were: Marie Rockett, Oda Rockett, Pat Saunders, Ann Stone-Heard, Betty Barron, Floy Rea, Barbara Walton and Mary Gene Rhodes.

Roy Duncan has bee busy making all the picture rails for the third room of our pictorial museum; this will be used to display the pictures of all the veterans from the Spearsville area. We already have 50 or so framed and are on the wall. It looks great. Gene Barron was even able to copy pictures of some of our great grandfathers who served in the Civil War in the early 1860’s. If you have pictures that need to be added, please get them to some member on the committee or to me. Each picture adds to this great treasure.

Denise and Tim Clement have gone to San Antonio for the graduation of their son, Danny, from Boot Camp into the National Guard. His high scores and his great leadership ability merited special recognition from the officials there. We congratulate Danny on this great achievement, and his willingness to serve his county during this time.

Sunday marked the sixth anniversary for Bro. James serving First Baptist Church, Spearsville, on this go-around (he was here for 10 years in the ’70’s). These years have been a blessing for us for we love him and never lost contact during the interval when he served several other churches. Their children, Jan and Alan, grew up here and consider this home. Bro. James related Sunday that he and Shirley were looking for a retirement home around Alexandria when he got the call from Spearsville. This move has been good for them, as well for us – his messages just get better the longer he serves!! Thank you Bro. James and Shirley, for loving us enough to want to come back to our little church and village. Our appreciation was shown yesterday with a great pot-luck dinner – every cook made his or her specialty and it was wonderful!!! We look forward to many more years just like the past six. A special “thank you” to Bro. James and Shirley!

We extend our condolences to the family of Wayne Post who passed away last week. Wayne grew up in the Canaan community and has many relatives and friends in this area. This is doubly hard for this family as his wife passed away only a week or so ago.

On Thursday night, Drue Rockett passed away after several years of struggling to breathe and being in and out of the hospital. Drue will truly be missed for he was loved by so many – his family, his church, his community, and oodles of friends and relatives. Each October when we have the Rockett Reunion, tribute will be given for the many years that he was the glue that held our group together. My deepest sympathy to this Rockett family; to his wife, Betty and his children, Danny, Kim, Connie, Karen and Amy. We are going to miss Drue.

Thought for the Day

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is our to win or lose.

–Lyndon B. Johnson


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