Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
April 7, 2011

We know that Spring has finally come to the Little Village of Spearsville when there is beauty in every direction we choose to look. The six or eight foot Bridle Wreath, that is across the street, is hanging to the ground in beautiful white blossoms; the yellow Lady Banksia in front of the parsonage is simply breath-taking; the dogwoods can be seen in yards and in the forests; bluebirds flying in and out of their new homes; children are out playing in the park – we live in a beautiful part of God’s world.

Last Wednesday Floy Rea celebrated her birthday with a big family bash. Her kids, Jan, Sharon, Dale and a slew of grandkids and great grands came up bringing lots of food for the occasion. A gift from Sharon and Dale was white ducks for the pond. Everyone enjoyed watching them being thrown, as instructed, out toward the middle of the pond; then, seeing the four swim around and around before coming on land to explore their new home. Before the week was out, two beautiful wild mallards took notice and swooped down to take a closer look at their new neighbors; they got a chilly reception from the AFLAC ducks, but we hope that will change when the newness wears off. This was a beautiful sight and is already giving Floy a lot of joy just watching and tending to her ducks. (We’re just hoping the predators such as fox or mink do not notice them).

The week-end of the 19th Oda Rockett and her daughter, Kim, went to Baton Rouge to celebrate Grandparent’s Day with her granddaughter; afterwards they went on to Houston for the christening of her great grandson. Later the family had brunch together before heading home. It was a time for this Rockett to build wonderful memories as they have done with each generation.

Mary Gene Rhodes had her grandson, Jonathon Spears and his wife, Stacy, and their two sons, Landon and Logan for lunch on Saturday. As an added bonus, Jonathon took advantage of the beautiful day, and trimmed Mary Gene’s hedge after a lunch. –lunch consisted of Chicken and Dumplings with a lot of other good stuff. Don’t you know they had a good time!!!

On Saturday my son, Bobby, and I went to Minden for the Scottish Festival. It was really a fun-day with lots of Celtic music, Parade of the Clans with their bagpipes and dressed in their beautiful kilts, wonderful stories of the Scottish people and their immigration to American or “Amerika” as they called it with their settling in “Pennsylvanie” and then on to the Cumberlands and Ozarks. We saw Dr. Cameron’s dogs bring the cows in from the pasture, herding them across a bridge and then into the arena. That was a sight to see the work that those dogs did. If you have never been be sure to put that on your “to do” list for next year. You will have an enjoyable day and learn the history of a great people that made a new home in American when times got tough for them in Europe.

For the past week we have been following the progress of Billy Henderson through family and friends and the news sounded good. On Sunday, I talked to his wife, Doris, and she said to tell everyone that Billy is doing great and even went to Sunday School on Sunday. He is such a hard charger that I have no doubt that he will be batting a thousand in a few days. Billy has an abundance of energy and doesn’t know how to be lazy. I may have to go over and give him a lesson or two; when I retired I got the hang of it with very little practice. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Billy and Doris.!!

Thought for the Day

Release golden butterflies of warmth, kindness, friendship and love into the world as every opportunity. Each time you do or say something positive, imagine yourself releasing a golden butterfly into the air.


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