Bernice Local News

The Bernice Journal
February 20, 1930

FOR SALE – Eggs for hatching. S. C. R. I. Reds 75¢ for 15. Mrs. W. C. Brooks.

NOTICE. No Trespassing on my land. Now posted as required by act of the legislature in such cases made and provided be governed accordingly. T. H. BARRETT

Mr. John Newton Bowen entertained a number of friends last Thursday night. The evening was spent in playing Rook and other games. Hot chocolate and cake were served. Those present were: Misses Haver, Maggie and Nedra Ferguson, Malda Shackelford, Mrs. Tom Johnson and Messrs. A. J. Patterson and W. L. Lee. All report a fine time.

Dr. Friedman, the best known and reliable optometrist, will be at Dr. Glover’s office in Bernice Tuesday, Feb. 25th. Be sure to call and have him test your eyes. He will sure please you.

Mr. and Mrs. George Bowlin of Bernice had as their guests Friday the Rev. John H. Buchaman, pastor of the First Baptist church of El Dorado, Ark., Mr. and Mrs. George M. Chamlee, Mrs. A. C. Cobb, and Mrs. A. W. Swiger.

ESTRAY NOTICE I have taken up one white, bobbed tail cow. Came to my place two and one half miles south of Bernice, La. on Dec. 26, 1929. Unless owner calls for same, I will forceed to sell on Saturday, Feb. 15, 1930 to the highest bidder. E. J. BALDWIN, Bernice, La.

Mr. H. C. Hooter, of Strong, Ark., spent the week end here with friends.

Mr. Harold Regan was called to Farmerville on account of serious illness of his mother.


Bernice, La. Feb. 13th, 1930. On motion and duly seconded the following resolution was adopted, to-wil:


Whereas, the Democratic Primary Election is herewith called for April 8th, 1930, for the purpose of nominating candidates for the office of Mayor Marshall and Aldermen, at the general election to be held June 10th, 1930, and

Whereas the following compose the commissioners of election: J. B. Adcock, R. A. Autrey, Allen Mabry, Tim Stewart, clerk, and J. R. Cook, watchman.

Be It Further Resolved that all persons desiring to become candidate for the offices above named subject to the action of the Democratic Primary to be held Tuesday April 8th, 1930, will file their notice of intention to become such with J. P. Ison, member of the Democratic Committee for the Town of Bernice, La., not later than Friday Feb. 28th, 1930, at 6:00 o’clock p.m. and such notices to be in form as required by the Primary Election laws of Louisiana.

G. E. Lindsey, Chairman.

J. P. Ison, Sec’y.

Mrs. R. W. Patterson was a visitor in Junction City Tuesday.

Mrs. M. C. Still and son M. C. spent Sunday with relatives in Farmerville.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wallis and daughter, Emma Jean, visited relatives in Spring Hill, Sunday.

Mr. Jim Canelias of Terrel, Texas was a week end visitor.

Miss Lucille Gresham, of Camden, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Gresham.

Dr. Thaxton of Minden, was here Tuesday.

NOTICE. We have secured the service of Bud Glen, (Colored) the Famous Car Washer. Formerly of Union Motor Co., but now with Miller’s No. 1 Service Station. We will wash all small cars for $1.00 each and all big cars for $1.25 each, also will vacuum clean all cars, that will need it Free, when washed at Miller’s No 1 Service Stations.


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