Weldon News

The Bernice Journal
February 27, 1930

Last Sunday morning Feb. 23, when Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Bevill returned home from Sunday School they found quite a number of people at their home, every one seemed to be full of fun and seeningly wondering where so many would get dinner. Soon some more cars came full of people and as they entered the house Mrs. Beville found they had well filled baskets and had come to celebrate her birthday, which was a complete surprise to her.

Mr. and Mrs. Beville were married at 12 o’clock also on Feb 23rd some years ago. After much joking and all the baskets were brought in and contents spread, all retired to the dining room where a table was loaded with good things to eat. As the guests entered the dining room they presented their gifts to Mrs. Beville. After thanks had been given, she expressed her great surprise and appreciation of this coming together. After dinner was over and all had spent a while pleasantly the song, “How Firm a Foundation” was sung and followed by many others. When the singing was over, Mr. Beville was asked to lead in prayer in which he invoked Gods special blessings on these people after which all left and felt the day well spent.



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