Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
April 14, 2011

What is happening in Spearsville or at least talked about? Gardening and the price of gas!!! None of this gas and oil stuff makes sense to me. Throughout out area, oil leases are being bought so that we might produce our own oil and do not have to depend on the whims of foreign leaders; thus, putting hundreds, if not thousands, of people back to work who have lost their jobs, as well as producing oil for our gas. I heard this nonsense expressed, the other day this way, as to how so many of our politicians think – “We borrow money from China and Japan, adding to our 14 trillion dollar debt, with a maxed out credit card, give the borrowed money to foreign countries, like Brazil who don’t even like us, so that they might drill, without strict regulations like the ones imposed on our oil companies; then we buy the oil from these third world countries; they get rich by selling to us with money that we have borrowed from China or whoever will take the risk and loan us more money.” It seems like a circle to me with the US borrowing on both ends of this equation – but what do I know, an average old, retired citizen who managed, and is still managing, without accumulating debt so tremendous that my finances could not and cannot repay. ‘DRILL BABY DRILL’ – in Alaska, in the Gulf, and in Union Parish. Use some good old common horse sense for a change. Git-er-done and do it now!!

On Saturday Oda Rockett and Kim Brantley enjoyed a beautiful, fun day at the “dawg show” that was held at D’Arbonne State Park as a benefit for the Union Parish Humane Society. There were breeds of all kinds, big and small, that were shown and competed in various categories. Kim’s dog, Pacy, refused to play the game, on the obstacle course, and did not get a trophy – got a ribbon, instead. Mattie was so cute and brought home ribbons, as well.

Saturday was great for the Hoagie Sub Sandwich Lunch fundraiser, sponsored by the Spearsville Volunteer Fire Dept. After one of those “giants” I did not need to eat supper. The made up about $700 (they didn’t have all figures tabulated, including expenses, the last I heard). They want to send out a big “Shout Out” to the Bernice Fire Dept. for their participation and support, and for all the people who came and not only paid the price, but gave extra for this good cause. We’re already looking forward to the next time. We thank Tim and his team, for this good food and for giving us an opportunity to do our share in protecting our area from fires that can be so devastating.

Joan Smith provided special music for us during the worship service. She sang, and accompanied herself on the piano, “I Won’t Have to Cross Jordan Alone’. It was beautiful and so meaningful that Joan was able to be back, sharing her great talent with us. (I’m not sure I am saying the exact title but this is what I have always called it when Antioch Church of Christ does this so beautifully and so graciously at many funerals in this area).

Ann Stone-Heard’s grandson, Adam, was on Spring break from the seminary that he attends in KY, during the past week and came down to visit with everyone and get acquainted with the newest member of the Stone Clan – Gabrielle Stone Harrison. This family is very close-knit, and it was a great opportunity to renew the closeness of kinship by this get together, visit and eat some of that “good grubb” of Ann’s they all enjoy so much.

Carol Shoemaker, our former dining site manager at the Senior Citizen Center, has been moved to the nursing home in Bernice. She was not there but a few days when her blood pressure dropped to an extremely low lever and had to be admitted to the hospital. My thoughts and prayers are with her, the doctors, and the staff as they try to get her stabilized.

Thought for the Day

Bloom where you are planted. Enjoy life for this is not a dress rehearsal.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

-Theodore Roosevelt


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