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February 27, 1930

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At The Baptist Church

It has been said that “when a preacher gives the people something to come to church for they will come.” Wo that is what Brother Morgan is doing. His sermons are like magnet, if you ever hear him once you are sure to keep going, for his sermons have a special drawing power.

The congregations are growing each Sunday.

We had five for Baptism last Sunday night. They were Carlton and Truett Salley, Leroy Thaxton, Hernon Lindsey, Evelyn McGee. Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Kelley came two weeks ago by letter.

Sunday at 11:00 the pastor will preach on the kind of people Jesus came to save.” Sunday night his subject will be “Christians Supreme Business”.

There were several from here attended the Laymen’s conference at Shiloh, Wednesday night Dr. Isom, of Shreveport secretary of laymen’s work was the leading speaker of the evening. There were four churches represented and a fine spent was seen at the meeting.

The Sunday School is growing and being better organized. There were 118 present last Sunday.

There will be a study course conducted at the Baptist Church beginning March 10th. Everyone who is interested in the church activities are invited to be in these classes.

Church Reporter

The “Quilting Club” met with Mrs. B. G. Smith last Thursday. Those present were: Mesdames Ernest Liggens, Anna Lindsey, Ada Kelley, H. B. Holland, W. G. Farmer, G. W. Denham, and Misses Honor Farrar, Izora Stirling and Mrs. Billie Jackson.

The new Ensemble suits, and Spring Coats and Silk Dresses of the latest models await your choice at DEPT. STORE, Maude Phillips.

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Allgood, of Homer, spent Tuesday with Rev. M. V. Burns and family.

Miss Opal Hammock, of Summerfield, was the guest of Mrs. M. V. Burns and children last week end.

Rev. L. P. Moreland spent last week in the Homer Oil Field, teaching a Mission study class.

Medames Ada Kelley, Anna Lindsey, and Myrtle Kelley visited Mrs. H. B. Holland Monday.

Mrs. C. B. Tanner

Mrs. C. B. Tanner, age 83, died very suddenly at her home near Weldon Wednesday night, February 19. She leaves beside her husband three children, C. B. Jr., six, Donna Ruth, four, and Billie Joe, twelve days old. Among the out of town relatives attending the funeral were: Olen Tanner, Dallas, Texas; Miss Estell Tanner, of Alexandria; Mr. and Mrs. Brooksie Tanner, of Houston, Texas, Miss Myrtle Johnson, of Haynesville; Medames Johnson and Williams, of Lisbon.

The deceased was buried in Weldon cemetery, Friday afternoon at 2:00. Rev. M. V. Burns conducted the funeral service.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Blackwell, of Hayneville, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl King, of Homer, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Melton Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Alcander Elliott visited the latters parents. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jackson, Sunday.

Miss Lorene Moreland, of Homer, spent last week here as a guest of her brother, Rev. L. P. Moreland and family.

Mrs. D. W. Caldwell and children, of Monroe, spent the week end with Mrs. Caldwell’s father, Mr. F. F. Johnson. They were guests of Mrs. W. W. Robinson Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott, of Winnfield, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Lindsey Sunday. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Scott’s mother, Mr.s Bila Rives.

Mr. and Mrs. Dewy Evans, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Ball, Misses Honor and Neil Farrar were guests of Mrs. B. G. Smith Saturday night.

Mrs. J. B. Adcock spent the week end with her daughter, Mrs. Harris Williams, at Lillie, she was accompanied Monday by Mr. and Mrs. Williams.

Mrs. Dean Knox left Tuesday for Amarillo, Texas, where she has accepted a position.

Misses Faye Baughman and Mary Wainwright, of Farmerville, were visitors here Sunday.

Mr. Sidney Pratt, of Monroe, was here Sunday visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Pratt.

Master David and Little Nelda Caldwell, of Monroe, spent the week end here with their grandfather, Mr. F. F. Johnson.

Mr. G. C. Hicks Shot

While arresting a negro last Monday night Mr. G. C. Hicks was accidently shot by Mr. W. A. Green.

The negro had stolen Mr. Hicks’ car two weeks ago and drove it to Broken Bow, Okla., where he exchanged this car and stole a ????????????????? camp just west of Bernice.

Mr. Hicks heard the negro was a this camp so he and Mr. Green had gone out there to arrest the negro. But the negro had left the camp before their arrival. So they begun a search for him, finding him sitting on the rall of the bridge, and when commanded to throw up his hands the negro came at them with his knife, knocking Mr. Green’s pistol to one side. The pistol was discharged and the bullet hit Mr. Hicks in the stomach, going just deep enough to burry the bullet, causing a very painful but serious wound.

They arrested the negro and turned him over to the parish officers.

Birthday Party

Last Sunday Mr. W. H. Farrar’s children surprised him on his 66th birthday each one gathering in with boxes of all kinds of good things to eat. It also being little Imor Jean Liggin’s 7th birthday, Mrs. Liggin baked the birthday cakes. Imor Jean’s being an angel-food, and Mr. Farrar’s a gold cake. Mr. Farrar received many nice gifts. The table was beautifully decorated carrying out the color scene of yellow and white. Afternoon, Mr. J. B. Adcock made a picture of all present, these being: Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Farrar, Mr. and Mrs. Culpepper, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Liggin, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Ball, Mrs. E. C. Ball, of Ruston, Mrs. G. B. Smith, Mrs. E. R. Riordan, Mrs. Alcander Elliott, Miss Avis Fuller, Mr. Frank Milstead of Sterlington. at 5 o’clock they departed each wishing Mr. Farrar and Miss Liggin many more happy birthdays.

Misses Lolita and Gladsy Golden of Downsville, visited their sister, Miss Ruth Golden here Sunday.

Mr. J. W. Bennett’s sister, Mrs. Jim Hollis, at Strong, Ark. is reported improving after a serious attack of pneumonia. She has been in a sanitarium for several week, but was able to be carried to her home last week.

Miss Tressie Cook was at home for the week end she was accompanied by Mr. J. K. Brothers of Monroe spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Pollock.

Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Brothers of Monroe spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Pollock.

Mrs. Rose Anna Thaxton is confined to her bed on account of illness.

Mr. and Mrs. Brody Green entertained the faculty bridge club in a very delightful way last Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Guy McDonald spent the week end with relatives in Marion.

Mr. Joe Heard and family and Mr. Pleasant Heard of Winnfield spent Sunday with Dr. M. W. Laurence and family.

Dr. Moore of Arkadelphia visited his wife here last week end. Mrs. Moore has been here several weeks tending her mother, Mrs. J. M. Talbot who is very feeble in health.

Mrs. Allie Gresham has moved from the Salley house to the Covington home.

Mr. Guy McDonald attended the Banker Association in Shreveport last Saturday.

Mrs. G. L. Robinson and Miss Davis of El Dorado spent Tuesday with Mrs. M. C. Still.

Mr. J. D. Green, Misses Mary Green; Anna Eckhardt of Monroe spent Sunday with Mrs. J. D. Green.

Mr. Billie Mathews of Pine Bluff, Ark. was a very pleasant caller here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Salley and Van Salley went to Monroe Sunday to see the monster whale.

Mrs. Earl Cooper and little son Billie, of Homer are the guests of Mrs. R. V. Heard.

FOR SALE Eggs for sale, thorough bred Reds. 50c for setting. Mrs. W. W. Robinson.

Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Salley and Miss Haver Ferguson, were guests at the banquet given by the Monroe Grocery Co., in Monroe Tuesday night.

Mr. A. J. Farrar, of Lillie, who has been sick for several days is improving and is visiting his daughter, Mrs. C. T. Salley here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Beard are the parents of a fine daughter February 22.

Miss Lucille Dendy has accepted a position at Salley’s Cafe.

Miss Ineta Grafton was a week end guest of Miss Essie Knowles.

Mr. C. R. McGee and Mrs. R. W. Patterson, left Thursday for the Rio Grand Valley for a few days visit.

This don’t mean anything.

****************** The obituary in The Bernice Journal had a mistake. Mrs. Tanner is said to be 83. The reader who brought it to my attention thought her age was 28.


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