Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
April 21, 2011

Our hearts go out to the victims of the tornadoes that raced across our country from Texas to North Carolina, wreaking unimaginable havoc with the loss of 46 people; the greatest fury on the state of North Carolina. One minute these people had nice homes and living a good life; within seconds all that was left was their lives. May God give them the strength and will to start over after such tremendous devastation.

Marilynn Taylor had surgery last Wednesday and is doing great – she should be home the first part of the week. Johnny Heard had a TIA last week and spent a couple of days in the hospital. He is going for additional tests this week. Please remember him in your prayers that they can find the right therapy that will prevent this from happening again.

Oda Rockett, Ann and Johnny Heard attended the concert of Corey Trehan and his group at the 1st Methodist Church in Bernice on Saturday night. The music was beautiful and so meaningful as this was held the night before Palm Sunday, which begins our celebration of the Easter week.

On Saturday, Billy Rea’s brother, Pat; his wife, Sondra; her sister, Mary; and grandson, 8 year-old, Wyatt, came for a visit and to fish. They spent most of the day on the pond, but did take time out to eat one of Floy’s special peas and cornbread meals. You can be that table was filled with all kinds of good soul food.

Bobby and I spent a very enjoyable day in Arcadia at Bonnie and Clyde’s Trade Days. It has really improved since the last time I was there with lots of vendors and all kinks of “must have” stuff. There were lots of people out enjoying the shopping and beautiful weather. On the way home we went by Gap Farms to eat some of that wonderful bar-b-que.

Bob Shoemaker, our mayor, has caught “Spring Fever” and put pots of Wave Petunias on his white pickett fence. That should be very pretty and certainly is a challenge to me to make mine just as pretty – I believe he already has me beat but I’ll try.

Katie Miller was a special guest during our worship service on Sunday. She gave her testimony and then told of her upcoming ten-day trip to London, England. Katie, along with twenty-five other college students, are going on an educational mission from the Calvary College Ministry of Vienna. They will be trying to form a bond or relationship with college students in that country which has large segments of Muslims and Non-Christians. After telling of her trip, she sang a beautiful song. Her grandfather, Bro. James, was just beaming with pride of this special granddaughter, Katie. I, too, pray that they will have great success in this mission and they will return safely home after this wonderful experience. After Katie’s music, Curtis Thomas played his guitar and sang. He always does a good job at whatever he is doing.

Sunday, after church, the kids had hamburgers in the fellowship hall while the adults hid their Easter eggs. We don’t have to ask if they had a good time. These young mothers and fathers are such good parents and they truly enjoy being together in fun activities with their children. It’s hard to tell which kid belongs to which adult; this bond is good for them, their children and our church. Our hats are off to them for all the work they do!!

Next Sunday First Baptist Church will have a special Easter program with Steve Elwood, Director of the Campus Ministry at LSU, Baton Rouge. as our guest speaker. Bro. James says that he is an excellent speaker and well-worth our time. Avery Bennett Wilson will be singing for us an Easter song that she has just written. She is so talented and we are so proud of her.

Thought for the Day

The world is moved, not only only by the might shoves of heroes, but, also by the tiny pushes of honest men. – Helen Keller –


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