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April 25, 1906

L. Hartman and J. D. Fenton went to Monroe Monday.

Abe Stein of Monroe was in Farmerville last Thursday.

Attorney Millsaps of Monroe was a business visitor here last Thursday.

Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Elliott made a visit to Weldon last week.

Major John Donley has been on the sick list for several days past.

Misses Helena Selig and Ellen Haas left Monday morning for Monroe.

F. E. Mayo made a business visit to Huttig, Ark., today.

Attorney J. W. Elder went to Bernice today on business.

Mr. J. M. Wallace and little daughter, Elizabeth went to Shreveport last week. They returned home Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stancil and Ollie Clark left Tuesday morning for New Orleans, where they go to attend the Confederate Reunion.

Misses Annie and Minnie Preaus, accompanied by their grandmother, Mrs. Buce of Shiloh, left Tuesday for New Orleans.

Rev. Findley preached two interesting sermons at the Methodist church Sunday and Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Lon Stancil are the proud parents of a fine baby boy which was born to them Monday morning.

Mrs. S. C. Trimble and children of Orange, Texas are visiting relatives in Farmerville.

Chas. B. Roberts and L. H. Barnes make a trip to Ruston last Saturday, returning home the following day.

Mrs. L. H. Barnes and little son, who have been visiting in Ruston for the past two weeks, returned home Sunday.

Mrs. O. C. Dawkins and two children left yesterday for Farmerville, where she will visit her mother, Mrs. S. A. Thompsons, for several days. — Monroe News.

NOTICE – From and after this day we will have plenty of ice for sale at all times., both for retail and wholesale purposes. Farmerville Gro. Co.

We are requested to announce that there will be a Temperance meeting at the Baptist church in Farmerville next Sunday night. All who are interested in this worthy cause are cordially invited to be present.

Mr. R E. Gully and family moved to Farmerville last Wednesday and are now comfortably located at their house in the eastern part of town. The Gazette extends this estimable family a hearty welcome which we fell sure is felt by all Farmerville.

The old Confederate Veterans have the great city of New Orleans in their own hands this week. Forty one years have passed and gone since that memorable day at Appomattox but still there are many thousand of these old heroes who are able to meet in reunion.

One night last week, either Monday or Tuesday, some party or parties visited the grave of Mr. P. P. Savage between here and Marion and exhumed the body and cut off and removed the head of the corpse. Mr. Savage has been dead and in his grave for the past 16 months and what purpose that grave-robbers could have had is quite a mystery.

The engagement of Miss Flora Hirsh, of Natchez, and Mr. Jones Selig, of Monroe has been announced. Miss Hirsh, who is very charming and quite popular in Monroe, where she has been visiting Mrs. Julias Lemlie for some time left yesterday for her home. Mr. Selig accompanied her and last night they were tendered a betrothal dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hirsch, of Natchez. — Monroe News.

Linville, La., April 23, 1906. Editor Gazette, Farmerville, La. Please let me have space in your paper to beg for the head of my darling boy, P. P. Savage, my first born, so that my husband and his friends may replace it in the coffin, where it had quietly lain 16 months. Tender mothers, shed a tear of sympathy for me, and if you can aid me in my humble request, for the love of mercy and for the love that I know you have for a poor broken hearted mother, do so. Yours in Jesus, Jerusha M. Defee.

The thought that “no one cares and no one knows” blights many a bud of promise. Be it the young artist at the easel, the workman at the bench, the boy at his Mathematical problem, or your little girl at the piano, give what praise you can.

It is only duty and justice to encourage you home paper, extend to it the nourishment to which it is entitled. Pay your subscriptions promptly, and send a few extra copies to your relatives and friends at a distance. They will appreciate the favor and so will we.

The post office department has decided that children going to and from school shall not be allowed to get their parent’s mail, so do not blame the postmaster if your children are refused the mail. The post office habit among children has become _____ ____ to the public and the post master, and the department has done wisely in making the decision. This has been one of Postmaster Gilbert’s greatest trials as the children go to and from school. We hope this will be observed and not other means need to be used to enforce this law.


Bunch of Union Parish Farmers Arrested Yesterday

The Federal authorities are again getting busy rounding up farmers and planters for violating the peonage laws.

The investigation into labor conditions in Union Parish, which has been going on for some time, came to a climax yesterday when six farmers in the Bernice and Shiloh neighborhoods were arrested by United States Marshall B. F. O’Neil and his two deputies, Henry O’Neil and ?.

The six farmers arrested were W. B. Lowery, J. E. Furguson, W. H. Elliott, Jim Elliott, Elzy Elliott, and John Wesley Elliott.

They were brought to this city last night on the 9:30 V. S. & P. local train by the three U. S. officers and taken before United States Commissioner W. A. O’Kelley at once.

Mr. O’Kelley fixed their bonds at $1,000 each which they gave and were released, leaving for their respective homes on the morning train.

The cases will come up for trial during the October session of the U. S. Court which convenes here the first Monday of that month — Monroe News.

NOTICE – I now own the Walker Stallion and will stand him in Farmerville every Friday and Saturday during the months of May and June and at my farm the balance of the time during this season. G. W. HOLLIS, Center, La.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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