Ouachita Items

The Gazette
May 2, 1906

Mrs. John McKee, and sisters Miss Pearl and Wilba Peek, were visitors to Monroe Wednesday.

Miss Auna Hay of Port Union spent several days visiting friends here last week.

Miss Ida Ford who has been visiting in Monroe and other points for several days returned home Thursday.

Mr. J. D. Cunningham and wife of Spencer were welcomed visitors Saturday.

Mr. C. W. Platt, Pilot, came home last week for a short stay.

Mr. W. A. Kirkpatrick came home Friday afternoon from Monroe.

Mrs. J. Starland daughter, Miss Laura, are the guest of Mr.s Mary Williams of West Monroe.

Miss Eva Platt came back last week from Shreveport where she has been attending Draugbone Business College.

Mr. Ervie Hill, son of Mrs. Mollie Hill, died suddenly a few days ago. Mr. Hill was a Christian young man and lead a noble life, to loose such a promising son brings a deep and heavy shadow.

We humbly be each thee to heal the wounded which thou has made bind up the hearts of his affiliated household, comfort them under their great bereavement, help them Lord to look away from every earthly solace, to him who is the resurrection and the life to ?? their grief and to enable them to say, the Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away.


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