From Spearsville

The Gazette
April 4, 1906

Miss Lovie Buckley who has been teaching in the eastern end of the Parish is at home.

Dr. Buckley has returned from Nashville for the summer.

Miss Janelle Carroll has left to teach school at Hornbeck, La.

Dr. Harrell and family have moved to Ruston and are greatly missed. The Doctor is highly esteemed both as a doctor and as a man and we could ill afford to spare them.

Mr. Pickens and family will probably have moved to Indian Territory before this appears in print. They will also be missed, indeed we expect to see two of our boys go into mourning.

Miss Rosa Cherry, who has been teaching at Pisgah expects to spend the spring with her parents.

Tennis is the favorite recreation for our your people and some are becoming quite expert. If some are becoming quite expert. If some of Farmerville’s young folks would like to try conclusions of the court we should be pleased to arrange a match.



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