Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
May 2, 1906

Mr. C. H. Gulley of Ouachita was in Farmerville to-day.

Mr. H. W. Regan was in Farmerville the first of the week.

Printer’s ink marks the path to riches and fame. Try it.

Only wind is needed to spread rumors but for reliable news you must read your home paper.

The Louisiana Press Association is in session in Monroe this week.

Constable J. W. Montgomery of Ouachita City was in Farmerville Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Smith of Conway took in the reunion at New Orleans last week.

The Confederate Veteran Reunion will be held at Richmond, Va., next year.

The whipping post should be set up in every parish jail for men who beat their wives and unmercifully beat horses.

The raising of blooded chickens is now attracting about as much interests among farmers as cattle and hogs.

Dr. H. E. Gates and his son, J. J. Gates of Decater were business visitors here Tuesday.

Miss Eva Maroney, of Oakland, who has been visiting in Farmerville for the past week, returned home Tuesday.

Mr. A. S. Raley left Tuesday for a visit to his home near Downsville.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Mathews left Sunday for a visit to Winnfield La.

Mesdames Ida Alcus and D. L. Cromwell of Bernice are visiting in Farmerville Tuesday and while here was a pleasant caller at our office.

All accounts not settled by May the 5th. will be turned over to an attorney for collection. FARMERVILLE GRO. CO.

Mr. J. G. Trimble left this morning for Monroe where he goes to attend the Press Convention which is in session in that city this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stancil, Messrs. Ollie Clark, D. W. Dawson and Charlie Jameson returned Saturday night from New Orleans where they had been to take in the Confederate re-union.

NOTICE. I will be in Marion on May the 4th to stay two weeks prepared to do all kind of Dental work. M. W. Lawrence.

There is a rumor in the air that the Farmerville & Southern is soon to be extended. Nothing definite has yet been let out by the railroad people but Contractor Dodson has been along the line looking around and that is pretty good evidence that there is “something doing”.

The boy who saves his money becomes the barber, the merchant, the professional man. The boy who never saves a cent makes the man who “earns his bread by the sweat of his brow,” who never owns a home or enjoys the luxuries of life.

No place else on the globe will you find as big-hearted, generous and noble people as reside in this old town. They are not much on dress parade. They do not wear silk stockings and silk hats but they have hearts as big and warm as ever pulsated in human breasts.


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