Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
May 26, 2011

In light of the terrible flooding that is ruining property and taking away the very livelihood of people up and down the Mississippi River, it seems somewhat heartless for me to be giving thanks to God for the rain that He sent this past week; however, it was so needed on our dry land in the little Village of Spearsville. We give thanks for this blessing and supplying our needs!!! The water from a sprinkler is just not the same as that given by God.

Monday morning, as I do every morning, I was checking my little fence garden and noticed that the morning glory was growing faster than the cucumbers and had to come out. As I pulled weeds, there tucked away were a couple of Moon Plants; that beautiful flower that blooms the most beautiful, white, trumpet blooms after the sun goes down each day. I got so excited and then remembered that God was saying to me that if I remove the weeds from my life, there are great blessings just waiting for me – “Seek and you shall find”. Then I went a little further, admiring the lush, green leaves and golden blooms of the zucchini; there were several big ones that were hidden away down near the ground. God, again, said to me, “Don’t just look at the beauty on the surface; sometimes you have to get down on your knees, pull the leaves back and diligently search to find the real treasures of life”. This lesson, God’s lesson, was as clear as if it had been audibly heard. I five thank that God is a personal God that cares for me and always knows what is best for His children.

Last Sunday, a birthday party was given in the fellowship hall for Landon Lee’s first birthday. The theme was Mickey Mouse and that was carried out in all the decorations. Landon is the son of Lyndsay Deason Lee; the grandparents are Russell and Carla Deason; the great-grandparents are Carolyn and Frankie Futch. We don’t have to ask if everyone enjoyed watching him eating his cake, tearing into the many gifts, and playing with all his family and friends – that is a given. “Happy Birthday, Landon!!”

Mark Atkins has a bad staph infection on his leg and had to be hospitalized in S. LA, near where he was working out in the Gulf. (Lafayette, I think). Jennifer has gone down to be with him while Ramona and Scott Barron, Jennifer’s parents, watch Ella and Emma. Please remember Mark in your prayers. Continue to pray for Sheryl and Doug Upshaw as she is still in a deep sleep. Bro. James’s brother, Billy Miller, has had real problems with his heart lately and has had to be hospitalized. Sunday, they had to put him back in with a possibility of more surgery. Shirley Miller’s uncle passed away and she was not physically able to to to be with her family for the funeral service. This was very sad and upsetting for her. The Millers need our prayers for God’s comfort at this time.

John Rhodes has to go back to the hospital on Tuesday for the last of the stones to be removed from his right kidney. He was able to come to church on Sunday but he has really suffered through this long and terrible ordeal. Johnny, his son, and Lexi, his granddaughter came to church with him. She did sit beside me for just a few minutes but I lost out to “Daddy and PawPaw Rhodes”; two of the most important men in her life. She made a good choice.

Thought for the Day

Experience is a tough teacher. It gives the test first and the lesson after.

Christopher Weiland


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