Bernice Local News

The Bernice Journal
March 20, 1930

Mr. H. C. Hooter of Strong, Ark., was the quest of Mr. Young Burns Sunday.

Friendly-five shoes and Style? hats a big investment style and quality at $5.00. TALBOLTS

Misses Sarah Pankie, Agnes Robinson, and Louise Culpepper of Ruston, were recent guests in the home of Mrs. W. F. Grafton.

Mr. Will P. Grafton and family of Monroe, Att’y Roye Grafton of Shreveport recently visited their mother Mrs. W. F. Grafton.

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hollis had the pleasure of having the following chidren with them Sunday: Bural of Monroe, Ed and wife, Travis and friend Miss Mabel Cole of Shreveport, J. T. Alymer and families of Marion, and Mrs. Harry Colvin and family of Ruston.

Mrs. Preb Robioson is seriously ill.

Mesdames R. W. Patterson, W. H. Howard, and Miss Caroline Green, were visitors in Monroe Wednesday.

“Uncle” Bob and “Uncle” Doc Farrar affectionately called by everyone who knows them are seriously ill.

FOR RENT — One five room house cheap.

Mrs. J. B. La Fava has returned to her home at Epps after spending several days here with her daughter, Miss Cleo La Fava.

Friendly-five shoes and Style park hats a big investment style and quality at $5.00 TALBOT’S.

NOTICE Immediately after the 11 o’clock service at the Bernice Methodist church Sunday, the members will observe the Lord’s Supper, and also after the 3 o’clock service at Weldon church.

Mr. R. A. Farrar, of Lillie, went to a sanitarium at Shreveport Wednesday for medical treatment. He was accompanied by Messrs. R. E. Riordan and James Loch.


Misses Haver and Nedra Ferguson entertained very delightfully at Rook last Tuesday night. Those present were: Misses Lorne and Zola Mae Gresham, Fae Goss, Helen Baldwin. Messrs A. J. Patterson, Virgie Barrett, Robert White, John N. Bowen and Cleo Mc Graw.

Mr. Van Odom of Monroe, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Williams and baby of Farmerville spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Odom.

Methodist W. M. S.

The Methodist Woman’s Missionary Society met Monday afternoon in the home of Mrs. J. J. Goss.

Scripture lesson 14th chapter of Joshua read by Mrs. L. T. Porter. The Lord’s Prayer was repeated by all. The Bible lesson was then taken up and taught by Mrs. Langstop.

Song – Rescue the Perishing

Dismissed with prayer by Mrs. Allen Mabry.

Those present: Mesdames R. A. Autrey, F. J. Booles, Chas Landston, L. Porter, John Caldwell, W. H. Tanner, Cleary Mabry, Paul Keirbow, Robt. Driggery, Paul Keirbow, Robt. Driggery, Cecil Tanner, L. P. Moreland, J. J. Goss, and Miss Laura Evans, Mrs. Tome Miller of Arcadia was present at the metting and received a hearty welcome by all present.

NOTICE. The Parent Teacher’s Association will meet the first Wednesday in April, everyone interested are urged to be at the meeting.

Mr. J. T. Hollis and family of Marion, were here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hollis, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Hollis of Shreveport, and Mr. Burl Hollis, of Monroe spent Sunday here with relatives.

We are glad to report that Dr. D. B. Garland is able to be out again after being confined to his home for some time on account of illness.

FOR SALE Eggs for hatching S. C. R. I. Reds. 75¢ for 15. Mrs. W. C. Brooks

Election Notice Bernice, La., Feb. 13th, 1930. On motion and duty seconded the following resolution was adopted, to-wit:


Whereas, the Democratic Primary Election is herewith called for April 8th 1930, for the purpose of nominating candidates for the office of Mayor, Marshall and Aldermen, at the general election to be held June 10th, 1930, and Whereas the following compose the commissioners of election: J. F. Adcock, R. A. Autrey, Allen Mabry, Tim Stewart, clerk and J. R. Cook watchman. G. E. Lindsey, Chairman. J. P. Ison, Sec’y.

Mr. G. W. Denham is visiting his daughter Mrs. B. G. Smith this week.

Mrs. Nett Evans is confined to her bed in the home of her son Dewdy Evans this week.

Messrs Harry Reno and George Sumlin of Gibsland were vistors here Sunday.

B. M. Robinson, Sr.

B. M. Robinson, Sr., died Wednesday afternoon at the home of his son, Mr. Bishop Robinson, in Ruston. The deceased had been confined to his home at Shiloh for about a year on account of illness. He was moved to Ruston a few day ago thinking the change would do him good. He leaves his wife and several children to mourn his death.

Singing at Weldon

Next Sunday, March 23rd., last regular preaching day at the Weldon Methodist church. Rev. L. P. Moreland will preach at 3:00 p. m. and immediately after the preaching service, singing will begin. All singers are cordially invited to attend and take part in the program.

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Holland visited relatives in Ruston Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. J. C. Digby is in Monroe this week visiting her son, Judge S. L. Digby and family.

Miss Lucille Gresham, of Camden, Ark., spent the week here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Gresham.

The quilting club met with Mrs. Daisy Fuller Thursday. It also being her birthday, quite a number of her friends were present. Mrs. Will Patrick presented Mrs. Fuller a beautiful cake. Those present were Mesdames Ada Kelley, Anna Lou Smith, Posie Belle Holland, Will Patrick, Ethel Bennett, Mattie Kelley, Will Farrar, Fern Fuller, Thelma Fitzgerald, G. W. Denham, Misses Honor Farrar and Mattie Lee Grafton.

FOR SALE. Eggs for sale, thorough bred Reds. 50c for setting. Mrs. W. W. Robinson.

Mrs. Hammett of Baton Rough visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Miller, here Sunday.


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