Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
June 9, 2011

The weather has been so extremely hot that we have thought about or done so little that has not centered around that. Never have we seen such a drastic shift from unseasonably cool in May to triple digits in early June. This, too will pass, we know, if we would just get a good rain; that is what we are praying for now.

Last weekend my granddaughter, Helen, came by for a brief visit as she was headed to New Orleans to be with her parents for two weeks before taking off for school in Germany. It was a wonderful time for both of us and she really enjoyed going to the Yellow House to see pictures that depicted Spearsville as it use to be and her ancestors that she has heard stories about. On Monday morning, just before leaving, we walked to Meade’s for breakfast; the food was wonderful and she was so surprised that we had such a good place to eat and visit with friends.

Marie Rockett celebrated a birthday and was treated to a trip to New Orleans to visit her granddaughter, Christy, by Tammy and Ted. They had a great time for you just can’t beat New Orleans for a fun place to visit with the family.

Patsy and J. T. Saunders are enjoying a visit wit their grandson, Dannon. He planning to stay the entire week so they will have plenty of time to feed him lots of those good “grandmother” meals and do all kinds of other fun things.

Denise and Time Clement have just returned from a visit with their adult kids in New Jersey. They got to play with the grandchildren and chat with old friends. When they got back to Spearsville the water in the pool was just right. Denise is spending a lot of time swimming and playing in the water; she said it makes her feel like a kid again and her MS gives her no problem when she is in the water. Water is such good therapy and is seems to have helped her, already.

John Rhodes had several kidney stones removed last Tuesday but still has a few in one kidney. They will be left for the time being and see what happens. Hopefully they will dissolve and the problem will be alleviated. He has really had a tough time for the past few weeks.

Floy and Billy Rea went to Monroe to celebrate Memorial Day with her daughter and son-in-law, Jan and Ski Wawrzyniak. Others there for the cookout were: Leigh Ann, Clint, Kristen, Bradley, Jessica, Will, and the grandchildren. Sharon and Dale Liner, (Floy’s oldest daughter and son-in-law) were, also, there. They had such a good time. Little did they know that later in the week Dale’s brother, James, would have a fatal accident while canoeing on the Buffalo River with his church family from Monroe. My sincere condolences go out to this family. May God draw close to the Liner family and bring comfort to them as only He can.

The Spearsville graduating class of 2001 had their 10th year reunion. That is always a great get together. A meal at Chili’s in Ruston was the highlight of the event. I feel certain that they shared many stories of the experiences they shared during those school year.

Thought for the Day

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. The greatest wealth is health.”

Ronald E. Osborn


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