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The Bernice Journal
March 27, 1930

Tick Picture The new tick picture will be shown in Union Parish during the week of April 14th. B. B. Jones, County Agent, New Orleans, La. will be the speaker at these shows. The itinerary has not been definitely arranged, but will be published in next weeks paper. Everybody wants to see this picture. Lots of fun and truth too. J. V. Rabb, County Agent.

LOST One ladies gold wrist watch with gold link band, lost either at Bernice Baptist church or near Salley’s market, on Sunday, March 16. Reward for return to The Bernice Journal office.

GINNER’S REPORT FOR 1929. There were 21,376 bales of cotton ginned in Union Parish from the crop of 1929, as compared with 16,125 bales from the group of 1928. S. L. Baldwin, Special Agent for Union Parish.

WANTED. A second hand oil cook stove. Mrs. Jim Thaxton.


The Methodist W. M. S. met in the home of Mrs. Welch. Nine members being present, quite a few were absent on account of illness.

A Social Service program was rendered by Mrs. L. T. Porter and Mrs. Robert Driggers.

Bible study was opened by Mrs. L. T. Porter reading the 28rd chapter of Joshua for devotional. Prayer by Mrs. Allen Mabry. The last eight chapters of Joshua were taught by Mrs. Welch. Final plans were made for the social to be given Monday, March 31st. at the church by the W. M. S.

The meeting was closed with prayer by Mrs. Paul Kierbow.

As we were ready to leave Mrs. Welch called us to the dining room and there we found plates of the most delicious cake and coffee. Reporter.

Mrs. Emma Laird

Mrs. Emma Laird 84 years of age died very suddenly Saturday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lee, at Weldon.

Mr. W. F. Salley’s sister of Pleasant Hill is visiting him and family this week.

Snappy patterns in wash dresses for Women, Misses and children. Maude Phillips.

Mrs. Addie Williams is confined to her home on account of illness.

FOR RENT — One five room house, cheap. Mrs. W. F. Grafton.

Mr. and Mrs. John Porter and little daughter, of Farmerville, visited relatives here Sunday.

Cotton Outlook

In 1923 two bales of cotton brought $800.00 with a 10 million bale crop.

In 1924 two and one half bales of cotton brought $300.00 with a 14 million bale crop.

In 1926 four and two thirds bales of cotton brought $300.00 with an 18 million bale crop.

In 1930 with a carryover and production in 1929 of 19 million bales of cotton, how many bales will it require this fall to make $300.00?

The above figures only assure the individual that he must live at home during 1930 to be on a safe and sound basis.

J. V. Rabb, County Agent

Mr. Robt. Summers and wife of Monroe spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. Fahy Moore.


We are authorized to announce:


is a candidate for office of Marshal of the town of Bernice, subject to the action of the voters in the Democratic primary election to be held on Tuesday April 8, 1930.

The Journal is authorized to annouce:


as a candidate for Marshal of the town of Bernice, subject to the action of the voters in the Democratic primary election to be held on Tuesday April 8, 1930.

B.Y.P.U. Social – Thursday evening was joyously spent by the Junior B.Y.P. upers, when Roslin assisted by her mother, Mrs. G. E. Lindsey entertained in such a pleasing manner that the Juniors are looking forward to another such party. Of all the games they like to play and good things to eat is what they enjoyed.

TUBBS – HEARD Miss Beatrice Head, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Heard and Mr. Hamons Tubbs were married Saturday night at Dubach.

Mrs. L. O. Bess of Texarkana, Texas was the guest of Miss Allegia Phillips Tuesday.

NOTICE To all customers and friends, I am located in Grafton building the north corner building on highway. Have a nice place and plenty of room.

I. C. Nomey

Miss Merrell Grafton, teacher at Jonesboro, was at home for the week end. She was accompanied by her friend, Mr. Francis Tannehill, of Winnfield, who was a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Black.

Mrs. Tommie Miller, of Arcadia, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Autrey.

Miss Cleo La Favre has returned to her home at Epps.

Don’t forget the P.T.A. meeting Wednesday, April 2nd.

Miss Louise Rossetter spent the week end at her home in Gibsland.

Mr. I. C. Nomey has moved his stock of goods to the Grafton building on the corner, formerly occupied by Miss Maude Phillips.

Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Mitcham are the parents of a little girl.

Get The Bernice Journal one whole year for only $1 in advance.

Mrs. Erskin Gaston and baby of Shreveport, are here visiting her parents.

Mrs. W. W. Robinson and Mrs. J. T . Wainwright visited their sister in Shreveport.

LOST — Black Poland China male pig, about 2 months old left my place about two weeks ago. Finder notify D. A. Pollock.

Mr. C. E. Miller and Miss Myrtle Talbot went to Ruston Monday night to see the picture “Reo Reita”.

Miss Sudie Mae Carroll spent the week end in Marion and was accompanied home by Mr. Tom Maroney.

Mrs. C. J. Morton entertained at bridge Tuesday afternoon.

NOTICE The Parent Teacher’s Association will meet the first Wednesday in April. Everyone interested are urged to be at the meeting.

FOR SALE Eggs for hatching. S. C. R. I. Reds. 75c for 15. Mrs. W. C. Brooks.

Election Notice

Bernice, La., Feb. 13th, 1930.

On motion and duly seconded the following resolution was adopted, to-wit:


Whereas, the Democratic Primary Election is herewith called for April 8th, 1930, for the purpose of nominating candidates for the office of Mayor. Marshall and Aldermen, at the general election to be held June 10th, 1930, and

Whereas the following compose the commissioners of election: J. B. Ad-cock, R. A. Autrey, Allen Mabry, Tim Stewart, clerk, and J. R. Cook, watchman.

G. E. Lindsey, Chairman

J. P. Ison, Sec’y


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