Pine Grove News

The Bernice Journal
April 17, 1930

Miss Lorane Jackson spent Wednesday night with Miss Mellie B. Green.

Misses Bessie Gray and Cleo McCuller spent Tuesday night with Mrs. Pratt.

Mrs. B. F. Patterson visited Mesdames W. M. and Lue Heard.

Misses James Barham and Lavinia Smith spent Thursday night with Mrs. Lee Porter.

Mrs. Lue Heard spent Saturday with Mrs. Effie Grafton.

Mr. B. F. Patterson and family were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Forest Ivan of Hico Sunday.

Miss Edna Pruett of Dubach spent Sunday with Miss Mattie Lou Gray.

Mr. W. C. Weldon, Mr. Ernest Weldon and family spent Sunday with Mr. Charley Heard and family of Pisgah.

Mr. Harvey Gray and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Owens of Hico.

Miss Almela Ferguson visited Miss Flora Bell Green Sunday.

Mr. A. P. Gray and wife, Mr. R. M. Gray and family of Dubach spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Gray.

Mesdames D. M. McCuller, B. W. Grafton and children were the guests of Mrs. Pearl Strickland of Hico Sunday.

Mrs. Howard Weldon spent Sunday with Mrs. Mattie Roberson.

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Ivey visited Mr. and Mrs. Eural Baldwin Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Weldon and Mrs. Charles Weldon visited Mr. and Mrs. Kennie Grafton Sunday.

Misses Cleo McCuller and Bessie Gray visited Miss Norene Strickland of Hico Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Weldon visited Mrs. Ella Moore of Dubach Sunday.

Miss Maggie Colvin of Dubach spent Sunday wit Miss Ellen Ivey.

Mrs. Tom McCall spent Sunday with Mrs. J. H. Gray.

Miss Irene Weldon was the guest of Mrs. Harvey Evans Wednesday.

Mr. Sam Patterson and wife were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brooks last week-end.

Mr. Ferrill Brooks left last week for Pine Grove, La. where he has a postman as overseer of bridges. We wish him good (?).

Miss Nettie Colvin of Summerfield spent the week-end with her parents and had as her guests, the Misses Jewel Morgan, Christine Davidson and Mamie Ruth Louwery.

Messrs Beverly Colvin and Widkliffe Laurence of Lousiana Tech, spent the week-end with their parents.

Mr. Harry Reno of Gibsland was the guest of Miss Louise Rossitter Sunday afternoon.


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