Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
June 16, 2011

This time of the year is one of the best — except for those triple digit tempts. It is so good to go to the garden and pick all those good veggies, slice up a big juicy tomato straight from the vine, add an onion and some cornbread; you have a meal fit for a king. Some of us take our surplus and make pickles and relish—sure puts that extra touch to those peas and beans. It’s, also, great to share with friends and neighbors from my little fence garden.

Last Monday, Clyde and Lynette Barron went to Plano, Texas, to visit their daughter, Kathy, and to attend her son, Connor’s, graduation. There were 1300 in his class; because of this huge number of graduates, the ceremony was held in the Dallas Convention Center. Clyde said that everything went off without a hitch. Congratulations to Connor!!

Our thoughts turn to reunions with former classmates each May and June. On Saturday, Billy and Floy Rea attended a Summerfield High School School reunion, with a catered lunch, for his 1953 class that was combined with several other classes. On Friday night before this, Billy’s class was invited to the home of Mrs. Carolyn Thurmon for sandwiches, cake, coffee and tea. It was a fun time of laughter and shared experiences.

Ramona and Scott Barron took their annual motor bike trip last week. They went up through the mid-west from Texas and New Mexico to Wy., over to Montana and back through the Dakotas stopping and seeing all the sights along the way. They were very tired by the time they got back home but had a wonderful time.

Betty and Bruce Barron spent Friday and Saturday in Shreveport with their daughter, Kelli, her husband, Jeremy, and the grandchildren, Jacob and Evie. Since they lived in this area for so many years, it is just like going home.

Imogene Bennett’s daughter, Bonnie and her husband, Little Roy, along with a grandson and granddaughter, as well as, Little Roy’s musical band came for a visit last week. Imogene cooked lots of Randy’s home-grown veggies and that crew really enjoyed chowing down on those home-cooked, county “vittles”. With all those musicians together, you know they had the place rocking with pickin’ and singin’. Imogene was so proud of her grandson who is only ten and is already a banjo champ. Our hats are off to him and to his family!!

We extend our sincere condolences to the Terry Foster family. God released Terry from the excruciating pain and suffering that he was experiencing here on Earth and took him home. May God bring comfort and peace to this family in their time of sorrow.

Mary Gene Rhodes and her family enjoyed their annual reunion at Petit Jean Mt. They were all able to come, except one grandson, Mathew; 47 in all that ranged in ages of 3 mos. to 83. The talent show is a tradition as well as eating their night meal together with a different team of two of Mary Gene’s daughters preparing the food each night for the whole gang. Each day was spent swimming, hiking, playing ball, fishing, boating and visiting. This was their first year since the death of Vergil. Even though he was missed they were able to share many happy memories with the children and grandchildren. As Mary Gene reflected on her life with me she feels that this family has been very blessed down through many years.

A Daily Pray

Heavenly Father, I pray that You will help me say they things You would have me say, do the things You would have me do, and he the kind of person that You would have me be to so that I might always reflect You for others to see.


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