Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
May 16, 1906

M. M. Munholland went to Marion on a business trip Monday.

O. M. Taylor left Wednesday for his old home in Kentucky.

Mrs. Ellen Levi was quite sick the latter part of last week.

D. E. Luphemier of Monroe was a visitor in Farmerville several days of last week.

Dr. O. H. Thompson of Marion was a business visitor her last Saturday.

The Farmerville High School closed its session last Friday.

Miss Eva Pace went to Oakland last Friday spend several days visiting relatives

Deputy Sheriff Jas. Underwood has been confined at home for the past week with a severe case of erysipelas.

G. Hartman made a business trip to Monroe Saturday returning home the same day.

Henry Colbert, the popular representative of the Roberts, Johnson and Rrand Shoe Co. in this section was here in the interest of his firm last Thursday.

W. J. Atkinson, wife and baby of Monroe, have been spending a few days with Mr. Atkinson’s parents here.

The Baptist Ladies Aid Society will be entertained tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon by Mrs. J. W. Elder.

Mrs. M. M. Munholland left today (Wednesday) for New Orleans to visit her sister who lives in that city.

R. Haas, representing A. Lehman & Co came in Saturday night to spend Sunday with his family here.

Mr. N. C. Ward and charming young daughter, Miss Auby of Junction were visitors in Farmerville Monday.

Dr. C. H. Jameson returned Saturday from New Orleans where he had been to attend the meeting of the State Medical Association.

Misses Keyseer and Evans assistant teachers in the Farmville High School, gave the pupils of their respective rooms a picnic last Thursday.

Mrs. G. C. Armstrong of Delhi, La. arrived in Farmerville Saturday night to spend several days visiting her nephew, Earnest Robinson.

Mrs. E. J. Rutherford Malone, will hold a revival meeting at Ouachita, La. beginning June 22 and continue until July 1st. The meeting will be self sustaining and all are invited.

Genial Capt. M. W. Wilson collected a crowd Monday and carried them off down the bayou on the steamer “Mattie” on a may-hawing exppediton.

Mr. Marion Shuster who is a native of Farmerville but who left here about 15 years ago and now lives in St. Louis, is here for a visit of a few days renewing old acquaintances.

Monroe is making preparations to entertain the Grand Lodge Knight’s of Pythias which meets in that city of May 21, 22 and 23rd.

Mr. J. B. Clark and daughter of Farmerville are guests of Mr. O. O. Clark — Monroe News of May 10th.

Mr. R. E. Gully recently bought the corner lot on Main and Bayou streets of Mr. Jultus Arent for the price of $1,000. In the near future Mr. Gulley contemplates erecting a nice, modern building.

The growth of our town is not of the mark-room variety but a steady (?) which will very soon make Farmerville one of the best in this section of the state.

Mr. and T. A. Crow returned to their home in Farmerville after an absence of several weeks. Mr. Crow was rapidly improving from his recent affection (white-swelling) but he informs us that Mrs. Crow is sick with chills and fever.

For Sale. One 4 yoke log team and wagon complete. J. D. BUGHMAN

There will be a meeting of Evangeline Chapter No. 7 Order of the Eastern Star Thursday night, May 17, at which applications for membership are to be considered. Members are earnestly requested to come. REITA HARTMAN, W. M.

Proceeding of Union Parish Medical Society.

Union Parish Medical Society met in call session at Farmerville Monday May 7, 1906. The President being absent at State Meeting, Dr. J. G. Taylor was elected to preside over the meeting. Minutes of the preceding meeting read and adopted.

The Society then received communications first of which was the discussion and adoption of an act to amend and re-enact the Medical Laws regulating the practice of medicine, surgery, and Medevifery, in the State of Louisiana, as framed by the Louisiana State Medical Society to be submitted to the Legislature of the State of Louisiana at the May session 1906, our secretary being instructed to instruct the Senators and Representative of our district requesting them to use their utmost endeavors to have said act passed.

The Society next unanimously adopted resolution brought forward by Iberville Parish Medical Society favoring the election of officers in the State Medical Society by nominating committee consisting of one member from each Parish Society as being an equable and representative method. Dr. C. H. Jameson was next elected as delegate to the State Medical Society.

Report of program Committee:

Dr. C. H. Jameson was continued on a Professional Organization.

Dr. G. R. Carrol – Paper on Summer Diarrhea in children.

Dr. O. H. Thompson – Diagnosis and Treatment of Malaril Harmaturia

Dr. C. H. Gully – Typhoid Fever especially with reference to differential diagnosis

Banquet at Hartman House at 1 o’clock P. M.

Every Physician in Union Parish interested in the upbuilding of the medical profession are earnestly requested to attend. Let each one of us do all in our power to promote the Parish Medical Society work.

There being no further business the society adjourned till the second Monday in June at 11 A. M.

J. G. Taylor, Pres. Protem

R. L. Love, Sec. & Treas.

FOR SALE One 4 yoke log team and wagon complete. J. D. Baughman.

There will be a meeting of Evangeline Chapter No. 7 Order of the Easter Star Thursday night, May 17, at which applications for membership are to be considered. Members are earnestly requested to come. REITA HARTMAN, W.M.

The day of cheap newspapers is drawing to an end. The post office department has decided to refuse second class rates of postage to papers and magazines furnished below cost and giving premiums to secure subscribers, and the result will be the death of many papers run only for advertising purposes.

Misses Nellie Keysear and Evalyn Evans left Saturday for their respective homes, the one in Tennessee and the other at Bastrop, La., to spend their vacation. From what we can learn the school work of these ladies has been highly satisfactory and the most of the patrons are in hope that the school board will see fit to employ them for next session.


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