The Gazette
May 30, 1906

The long breezy days continue, and one finds it almost impossible to stay indoors. Getting outside implies, of course, that some sort of amusement or entertainment follows and the favorite amusement of our little town seems to be tennis.

Every afternoon, one interesting game after another, is witnessed by the “grand-stand” — those individuals who idle in the shade, criticizing the heroic efforts of the players to catch up with a fleeing ball, or calling out from time to time, encouragingly : “Swat him one, sport”.

One of the popular young lady players, became so much excited over a game that she was heard to exclaim to her partner who had made a point:

“There! That’s 30 — Dear.” Instead of 30 love.

Mr. John Gilbreath, the popular teacher of the Island-School, will leave shortly for his home in Tenn. after completing a year of very satisfactory work.

Mr. Geo. Steele has been spending several days at home.

Mrs. J. C. Steele and Mrs. Geo. Sims are on the sick list of the month — Mrs. Sims having a bad case of slow fever.

Miss Eva Platt expects to leave shortly for Jefferson. Texas, where she will accept a position as stenographer.

Mrs. Nettie Reagan who has been visiting her charming daughter, Miss Dollie, at Cecil, returned home several days ago.

A delightful dance was given Friday night at the Island Hall, by the Dancing club and complimentary to two visiting young ladies, Misses Perry Jones and Mamie Steel of Baton Rouge.

Those present were Misses Sallie and Laura Steele, N. Ford, Sara Tidwell, Pearl and Wilba Peek, Eula Smith, Perry Jones, Mamie Steele, Majorie and Josephine Smith, Mrs. Maude Barr Trebue, of Memphis, Tenn. and Mrs. W. C. Steele, Messrs. A. Tidwell, U. and O. S. Smith, Earnest Plummer, J. and E. Stevens, John Gilbreath, Dr. Slaughter, J. C. Steele, Geo. Steel, W. A. Kirkpatrick, Martin and Douglas Smith.

Chaperones: Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Flem Guthrie.

Two dances were given the week before, one for the two young ladies mentioned before, the other being a quiet affair, as far as the size of the crowd and went.

Miss Mayme Platt who has been visiting for some time in Marion and Linville, has returned home.


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