Spearsville Items

The Gazette
May 30, 1906

Bro. Johnston has bought the place and exchanged with Mr. Abbett. He is anxious to take advantage of our school.

The people here are planning to build a new church.

Mrs. Charles Pryor and family of Spinola attended our commencement exercises.

Dr. V. E. Duley and family have returned from New Orleans. The Doctor has graduated from Tulane and has taken several special courses. He passed the state board successfully and his many friends prophesy for him a successful career in his chosen profession.

Junction boys came over here on Friday afternoon and Spearsville trimmed them to the time of 11 to 4. The feature of the game was the batting of Charles Carroll. The Junction boys did well in all but one inning. The game was clean with no objectionable features

The school entertainment on Thursday night was a success. All who took part did well and the church was filled.

Friday the exercises began at 10:30 A.M. Bro. Johnston, Bro. Burnside, Supt. Hodnett and Prof. Denton all made fine addresses. Supt. Hodnett presented the diplomas to the graduates, Miss Carrie Cobbs and Miss Fanny Cherry.

Prof. Lewis of Downsville led the singing to the delight of everybody.


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